Salon Science Hydrasoothe – the solution to a hot scalp in the summer!


Now what on earth is this I hear you ask?!  Well my friends, this is a little spray pump of scalp tingling goodness!  If you suffer in the heat with an itchy scalp, or you live in a rural farming area and suffer from two weeks of harvesting every year, where the air is full of dust and those irritating little thunder bugs, this could be the answer to your prayers!

I love hair products of all shapes and sizes, but particularly I like the ones that care for my scalp and hair.  This spray is designed to cool on contact, it ‘contains the ultra-refined elixir of organic cactus to help shield the hair and scalp against environmental stress and help prevent further irritation’.  It’s got lots of soothing and moisturising ingredients to instantly relieve a dehydrated or itchy scalp, and add moisture to your dry lengths and ends.

You can use the spray in multiple ways, to be honest I use it the night or day before I wash my hair, as I’m a little funny about product build up or adding anything oily or greasy to freshly washed hair.  This spray isn’t particularly oily, but it does weigh my hair down a little.  You can apply the spray to damp or dry hair.  For itchy scalps, you apply directly to the scalp (my hubby loves this spray for its instant cooling sensation on the scalp!).  You can apply all over your hair to add moisture and you can apply throughout the day (great if you work in a hot or air conditioned office).

If you have a very dry or itchy scalp, and dry shampoos don’t work for you this could be the answer to your prayers.  I would also highly recommend this spray if you suffer from dandruff, let’s face it, we all do at some point!  This spray really helps moisturise the scalp and prevents skin flakes.  Most anti-dandruff shampoos are so medicated, they are actually really stripping, you are better off investing I  this spray and a really good  moisturinsing hair mask!

You can purchase Salon Science Hydrasoothe from Boots for £14.00 for a big spray pump.

Loves – a super refreshing scalp spray, perfect for a dehydrated or dandruff prone scalp

Not so Loves – it’s an expensive ‘extra’ but hey if it works and makes you feel better it’s surely worth it

Overall – a great find for the summer or your holidays

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