Doing something new!

Amoozed? I know right?!
Amoozed? I know right?!

Cutting a very long story short (!), at twenty weeks pregnant I quit my awful job, we sold our house in North Yorkshire and we upped sticks and moved back down South.  Since then I’ve effectively been on self imposed early maternity leave.  While it’s been lovely to have time to move into our new house, get things sorted for the baby, have time to recuperate from two and a half years in the horrific job, and generally read books, do some gardening and start this blog, at times it’s been a little isolating.  One of the things I’ve done to meet new people, and get out a bit is to try new things.  Of course leaving the house, going into a totally alien situation, to a place you don’t know and with a group of people you’ve never met, takes a degree of courage.  If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you feel a little isolated, or things seems a little stale or monotonous, why not try something new?

I don’t mean anything particularly radical!  My favourite new thing to do, was attending a relatively local, weekly ceramics course.  I’m not arty in the slightest!  Yep I like being creative with makeup, but I usually stick to what I know, adding in a new technique every now and again!  I didn’t opt to take an arts based exam while at school, for some reason I took a GCSE in design instead and spent two years drawing 3D boxes!

Anyhow I digress!  I did an eight week course, every Thursday night in ceramics.  I learnt how to use clay to model, spiralling to make bowls and vases and slabs to make boxes.  After that I had the opportunity to just go create.  Use something I’d learnt, pick a favourite technique and play!  The course was so relaxed, the tuition was virtually one to one, no one in the room really cared about what I chose to do, no one looked at my work and dismissed it, no one judged!  I was lucky that I found a tutor who is incredibly relaxed, very patient and encouraging!  She was the kind of person who helped when needed, and gently suggested you may like to try something different if you were actually doing something wrong!  I never felt stupid or out of my depth, and you know what it was darned lovely!

During my eight weeks, and subsequent day long workshop (that my Hubby also came along to) I made some great stuff!  Yep I made some utter trash as well! But I’m really proud of the little tea light holder, the spiral bowl, the little dog thing that looks more like a cow!  And the cows!!  Yes those little highland cows in the photo were actually made by moi!  Great aren’t they?!  (I should also confess that the strange looking monster thing to the right of the photography was also ,add by me, but let’s gloss over that shall we?!).

Ill post a photo of my collection of handmade goodies when they are all finished, glazed and fired at some point so you can see my little potting journey, and that even someone like me, with no clue and no artistic ability, can actually make something that passes for not bad!

It may not be ceramics for you, it may be going to an exercise class, learning first aid, attending a community meeting, volunteering, even just walking your dog in a different place to usual.  Doing something different, being slightly uncomfortable, only to get comfortable and achieve a little ‘hurrah’ is a great feeling! If I can, you can xx

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