Liz Earle Superbalm – the superest of all balms?!

About 3000 uses!!
About 3000 uses!!

Do you remember when you would drench yourself in Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Balm, because you read somewhere that it was in every makeup artists bag?  Well I do!  Elbows, lips, sun burn all covered in that brown herbal goo!  I hadn’t purchased a balm since I was about twenty two I don’t think, never actually getting through an entire tube of Eight Hour, never really needing the stuff in the first place!  I discovered Liz Earle’s version during a facial back in 2013 and I’ve had a little jar on the go ever since!

The facialists use it for the thirty minute facial massage during your treatment at Liz Earle (AMAZING!).  I originally purchased because I love the fragrance, and living up North at the time my skin was fairly wind burnt, and sensitive from the cold.  You can get it in a tiny silver pot for about £6 (perfect for on the go as a lip balm) or invest in a big jar for £17.25.  I have the big jar, and a spare in case I run out?!  I think I purchased these as part of a Christmas set in the January sales (keep an eye out for Liz Earle post Chrimbo sales, they are usually amazing!).

So what is it, and why do I need it?  Well, it’s basically a solid salve type balm, it smells very strongly indeed of Liz Earle signature facial products.  It’s not anywhere near the same as the Eight Hour Balm, in that it’s not a weird goo consistency (it’s solid) and its in no way sticky (that’s probably why I gave up on EA).  You need it for seriously dehydrated skin.  So I get really dry bits around my nose in the winter, or when I’ve got a cold.  I find a liberally spreading of this in the affected area over night does wonders to clear up the flaky dry skin.  I also suffer with stress dermatitis (usually in the winter or when my boss was being an a$$ to me!).  I found applying this to the affected area usually cleared whatever was niggling me, up really quickly.

You can use it for pretty much anything, it’s great to use when giving yourself a little facial massage, or left on overnight for a really intense moisturinsing facial mask.  It’s also great to apply under your eyes at night to really support dehydrated skin.  Cracked heels or dry hands?  Apply this stuff liberally overnight and it really does transform your skin!  If you apply very liberally, it’s probably not going to be a great day time look!  It certainly wouldn’t replace the usual moisturiser you use to sit under makeup!  I almost forgot!  I’ve also used this on the ends of my hair overnight, before washing my hair in the morning, to help with dry or split ends!

I’m sure when my baby gets a bit older I’ll discover a million other uses on rashes and scrapes and bumps!  For now, it’s a wonder balm all for moi!

Loves – a multitude of uses in one little pot!  Try it under your eyes overnight for a great restorative treatment!

Not so Loves – nothing!  It is what it is, a wonder balm.

Overall – I’ll have a pot of this on the go until the end of my days!!

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