Arnica Nature’s Healer

I’m writing this post a week and a half since I had my perfect baby boy!  In fact he is currently reclined across my tummy, fast asleep, arms in the air, as I type one handed!  At some point I will post my birth story.  Pretty much everything that I didn’t want to happen to me, happened!  But I’m here, a little later, on my way to healing, but totally and utterly in love with the most perfect human being!  I don’t even care about the 11pm, 2am, 4am and 7am feeds!  (I actually think that’s a pretty ok routine for such a tiny person!)

Anyhow to cut a long story very short, my labour involved an episiotomy, a small tear, and a whopping great bruise where I had a shot of pethidine in my thigh!  Such fun!  I’ve been doing everything I can to heal quickly because I’m squeamish!  And I actually just want to get on with being a mummy.  Among other things I’ve turned to, is trusty arnica to help with the healing.  I bought a massage / bath oil, arnica tablets and a cream before I gave birth in preparation, all ordered from Amazon and from the Nelsons brand.

The tablets  (£4.30 for 84 tablets) – I’ve used these before, I’ve even used these for horses with injuries!  I’ve been loading my body with these homeopathic pills since coming home from hospital.  If you’ve never taken homeopathic remedies before, they are simply tiny sugar pills (I like crunching!) that you tap into the lid as it’s important you don’t touch them.  I really believe these work, and I’ll carry on taking until I’ve finished the whole pot!

The bath oil / massage oil (£6.17) – I’ve been using this as a bath oil.  A bottle will last me five baths, and I’m generous when adding it to my bath!  Not only does it contain organic arnica, it’s packed with sweet almond oil, lavender and grapefruit essential oils.  It’s an incredibly relaxing bath, that leaves my skin very soft and well moisturised.  You can also use it to massage onto any areas of tension or bruises.  I haven’t tried it directly on my stitches – that would be a very bad idea!

The cream (£5.08) – this is a first aid cupboard essential for anyone, especially families.  I’ve been applying to my enormous thigh bruise!  It’s also fantastic for soothing insect bites, and even for helping stretch marks to heal.  It is completely fragrance free and natural, so you can also use on newborns if needed.

Arnica is a totally natural way of supporting the body to heal.  I’m trying to heal fairly major trauma, so it’s a slow process for me!  I’d highly recommend stocking up on arnica before labour, or any planned surgery, or major sporting achievements – anything where your poor body is being tested!  The Nelsons range is really excellent value for money to boot!

Nature's Healer
Nature’s Healer

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