Moa – The Green Balm – Review

The not so green, but ever so super balm!
The not so green, but ever so super balm!

Moa The Green Balm is a cute little cult product that I’ve recently tried and become hooked on!  This stuff (it’s not actually green!) is made in the UK from all natural ingredients including yarrow, coconut and soya beans.  It’s got absolutely nothing nasty in it, no parabens, alcohol, perfume and it’s not tested on animals.  It’s also got about a million uses!

  • Soothe dry and itchy skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and minor rashes
  • Help heal minor cuts, grazes, blisters, bruises and burns on all the family
  • Zap those pesky insect bites and stings
  • Treat chapped, weathered lips and kiss goodbye to the dreaded coldsore!
  • Apply to sore, red nostrils when you have the sniffles and mix with a little hot water and gargle to soothe a sore throat
  • Use between the toes to help combat athlete’s foot; it’s a ramblers dream-cream!
  • Calm inflamed skin after shaving, waxing or threading
  • Help fade scarring or stretch marks after pregnancy
  • Soothe new tattoos or piercings, whilst helping to avoid infection
  • Moisturise, soften and nourish dry hands, nails and cuticles
  • Remove eye-make-up, and as a hot cloth cleansing balm

I quite like these balms, I’ve used Liz Earle’s Superskin Superbalm for a really long time, but it’s quite highly fragranced (my review is here).  I picked up this one because it seems to be a real cult beauty product that lots of beauty insiders adore.  I thought it would be particularly useful in my baby change bag for nappy rash and also in the summer to treat insect bites.  I also thought I would use it religiously to try to tame my horrible stretch marks 😥.

I’ve been using it as an under eye cream at night in the summer (I keep my pot in the fridge as it melts in the heat very quickly) and I’ve been applying it to the side of one nostril that seems to be constantly suffering from dry skin!  I’m so impressed with this balm!  Time will tell on the old stretch marks (I’ll let you know!) but in as far as I’ve found uses for it, I adore it!  It leaves my skin feeling really moisturised, fresh and well cared for.

Loves – I love that it’s natural, it’s got a really neutral scent, hardly noticeable to my sensitve nose, and it’s got so many incredible uses!

Not so Loves – if using on my stretch marks I think I’ll get through a little tub very quickly!  The same if you used it as a cleanser.

Overall – I’m now testing this on my husband’s little dry patches on his legs!  I’m hooked, I’ll definitely re-order and I’m hoping it makes a difference to my dreaded stretch marks!  I think this stuff is great for all the family – but keep it in the fridge!

Little 15ml pots (a little bigger than a lip balm tub) retail at £4.99

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