What I’m looking forward to trying – September!

This is my second post in my now regular ‘what I’m looking forward to in the month of X’.  So what have I got to look forward to in September?

Bouffe – hair thickening spray

I won a can of this from the lovely people at Bouffe via a Twitter competition – hurrah!  They sent me the light blonde version (it comes in loads of variations and retails at £5.99 and is available in Boots).  The exciting thing about this product is that it’s coloured so it covers the nasty root growth!  I confess I’ve had a little spray of this to check out the colour coverage – I highlight my very dark brunette hair various shades of blonde, so roots are a big old problem for me!  The colour was pretty amazing at covering really dark roots.  I’m looking forward to trying Bouffe properly to give me some volume as well as covering my root re-growth.

Roots be gone!
Roots be gone!

Radley Bag – got it in the Summer Sales Baby Yeah!

I had a little August splurge in Radley and snapped up this super cute green cross body bag.  I think it was about £60 in their final reductions (it had been discounted twice!) and was originally about £150.  I love the colour of this bag, it’s super summery and super cute!  I love a cross body bag for holidays, so I’ve been saving using this until I have somewhere nice to go!  Now that my little one has arrived it might be a good while before I get to take this on holiday, but I’ll find somewhere lovely to show it off!  What a bargain!  It’s a good size, although it’s not exactly big enough for all the stuff I now need like nappies and muslins!  Who cares, it’s too cute!

Summer bag from Radley
Summer bag from Radley

Baby related product – Lansinoh Nipple Cream

As glamorous as it sounds!  Touch wood I’ve found breast feeding very natural and very comfortable so far.  I was really worried that it would be something I couldn’t do, or that would hurt (I’m still a little in awe of anyone who breast feeds through teething!  I’m not sure I’m that brave!), but it’s been lovely!  Yes I’m a glorified milky vending machine, pretty much in constant demand, but right now I don’t mind.  I bought Lansinoh Niplple Cream (£10.49 from Boots) before the little one arrived in preparation for the sore, cracked, bleeding nipples I’d been promised!  I haven’t needed it so far, thank you thank you (!), but I’ll try this in September to keep the old milkers in tip top working order!

Sore nipples are not glam!
Sore nipples are not glam!

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