Marylin – she’s an icon and a Lush hair mask!

A lovely Lush hair mask!
A lovely Lush hair mask!

In my recent Lush haul I received a lovely sample of Marylin (£9.75 for a big tub!).  I’ve recently had my hair highlighted again to add in lots of blonde hues that, in the sunshine go very blonde indeed!  I was once platinum blonde, bad look really, but I do like having my hair lightened and I do love blonde!  As a result I’m always on the hunt for products that nourish coloured hair and brighten the blonde!

I’ve  wanted to try Marylin for a little while and was extremely pleased to get a big enough sample to cover my whole barnet!  It’s meant as a pre-treatment, but I never follow instructions so I washed my hair as normal, aplied this to damp hair, popped on my shower cap and let it do its work for over an hour before washing out.  Over time, Marylin is meant to lighten blondes due to all its lovely essential oil ingredients.  It’s got lots of lovely moisturising ingredients which add softness and shine, in addition to its lightening properties.

So I don’t think it’s fair that I comment on the lightning element of this mask, I’ve only used it once and it hasn’t lightened my hair as a result.  What it has done is leave my hair super soft.  Much softer than my usual much more expensive Kerastase mask.  I always use a mask all over my hair from root to tip, and this mask hasn’t left my hair weighted down or greasy in any way.  The consistency is pretty light, if you turned the pot upside down, yes you would lose all the product!  I think actually this has helped to penetrate the hair rather than just sit on top like some thicker masks.  An added bonus is that it’s fragranced with chamomile, which is super relaxing.

I also have Daddy’O which is Lush’s version of a silver shampoo, the violet shampoo blondes use to get rid of the nasty brassy tones you can get if you’re a (fake) blonde!  I really like this shampoo, it’s pretty darn violet and it smells lovely!  I imagine used with Marylin this would be a powerful duo!

Loves – leaves hair super soft

Not so Loves – it’s a bit on the watery side, not sure how long a full tub of this would last as a result

Overall – a great alternative to some very expensive masks indeed!

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