Micro Pedi – the absolute best thing I’ve bought so far in 2015!

Micro Pedi
Micro Pedi

Its so gross, but oh my it’s so satisfying!  I’ve hankered after one of these little foot buffing devices for yonks, but never taken the plunge and bought one, until now!  It retails at £39.99 but there is usually an offer somewhere on the highway street to get around £10 off that.  It’s definitely worth £30, £40 might be pushing it!  It depends how much the hard skin on your feet bother you I guess, or how much you spend on pedicures.  I was a little skeptical about how well these little electric roller things works, mainly because I have a lot of hard skin on my feet!  I have it in odd places though, the sides of my big toe and outer corner of the other side.  It’s only since I’ve been pregnant that I got the dreaded hard skin on my heels, which I’m assuming is all down to weight.

All you do with this little guy is turn him on and gently roller over your hard bits!  It’s completely disgusting, in that you are then showered with dead skin as it sloughs away all the nasty bits!  Your little tootsies are then left buffed to perfection, with absolutely no nasty hard skin.  I was really in awe of how well my new little treasure worked!  My feet look almost normal again!

I’ll be using mine daily for a week, and then I think as an as and when needed type arrangement,  I don’t want to go too crazy initially and end up with sore feet, and hard skin that comes back straight away.  I took it pretty carefully on my first use, as I have been left with very uncomfortable feet from too much rasping with one of those old fashioned plastic things before!

My top tip would be to use this contraption at night and then cover your feet in something like the Body Shop’s Peppermint Foot Lotion (my review is here), then pop on some socks and go to bed.  Your feet will look seriously lovely in the morning!

Loves – cheap in the long run if you are a pedicure junky, effective, fast and minimal effort required (huge tick!)

Not so Loves – hard to justify the cost at first, and you will need the vacuum on standby to get rid of all the disgusting skin flakes!

Overall – I love the results and I slightly love how gross this is to see it working!  Best investment I’ve made in myself in 2015!

Worth every single penny
Worth every single penny

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