Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablets Review!

Bathing goodies
Bathing goodies
Lovely herbal bathing
Lovely herbal bathing

The lovely people at Grafton’s Beauty sent me some samples of a new product to try!  They sent me two Kneipp bath tablets, one arnica and one eucalyptus.  I’ve never tried anything from Kneipp, so it was a lovely suprise to be offered these two products to try.

I’m really into arnica at the moment as part of my labour recovery (my post on a range of arnica goodies is here) so I was really looking forward to trying the arnica bath tablet.  This one turned my bath yellow (it didn’t stain the bath at all I hasten to add!).  It smelled absolutely lovely, really herbal with hints of Rosemary and orange.  My hubby got in the bath after me and fell asleep there for ages, he came back looking like a very relaxed, sleepy version of our baby!  The tablet fizzes like a traditional bath bomb and lasted a good amount of time while I soaked my aches and grumbles away!

The eucalyptus version is excellent for steaming away colds, flu and bugs generally!  I took pure eucalyptus oil with me to hospital for use on my pillow.  There is something about the fragrance of this essential oil that makes you feel instantly clean and protected from nasties!  This tablet definitely packs a punch!  It has a really lovely menthol fragrance, excellent for not only making you feel really clean, but also great for relaxing before bedtime.

Im going to stock up on both!  The arnica for aches and pains, and recovery from injuries, and the ecalyptus one for winter sniffles. The tablets are only £1.95 from  I think this is a total bargain for a natural and holistic product.  A grown up version of a traditional bath bomb?!

Loves – herbal loveliness at a great price

Not so Loves – I guess I’d like a multipack option – I could easily have one of these in every bath!

Overall – I’m definitely purchasing lots of these little treats!  I’ve also ordered the eucalyptus shower gel to try … Delicious!

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