Superskin Night Concentrate – Liz Earle (obviously!)

Superskin Concentrate
Superskin Concentrate

I think you’re either a lover or s hater when it comes to facial oils.  When I was in my teens and twenties I was an absolute hater!  Oil on oily skin just screamed disaster to me!  Now I’m ever so slightly older (ahem!) I think oil or normal, dry or even combination skin screams rescue and miracle worker!  I’m happy to slather on the oil at night, a really good oil surely not only coats the skin sealing in moisture, but sinks in and does something wonderful to repair fine lines?!  Right?

I love all things Liz Earle, I especially love all things Liz Earle Superskin!  So I obviously love the granddaddy of the Superskin range – the concentrate!  This stuff is expensive, £42.75 for a 28ml bottle.  You can get it in smaller sizes, which work out being phenomenally expensive if you think about it, but if your unsure it’s for you, it might be best to invest in the little rollerball they do first.

I started off using this as an under eye treatment at night, then graduated to slathering it on post exfoliation or mask, then it’s become a staple nighttime treatment in winter.  It’s made from 100% botanical oils and has that beautiful  signature scent that permeates through the Superskin range (neroli, lavender and chamomile).  As with all of the Superskin range it’s got natural source vitamin E, which is utterly brilliant for the skin!  Now a word about vitamin E here!  My mum is allergic to topical vitamin E, but is a total convert to all things Liz Earle.  She tried Superskin with some trepidation and discovered the allergic reaction she has had previously is down to synthetic vitamin E.  She also has dermatitis and Liz Earle Superskin has helped soothe and repair her skin amazingly.  If you find the same and usually steer clear of topical vitamin E based creams (which is surprisingly hard) try Superskin.

I love this oil.  For me a single pump would do my entire face, and under eye area.  I find, used over night, I wake with lovely smooth and soothed skin.  It’s been a lifesaver suffering from wind burn living up North, or after a day on the beach, that kind of thing!  It’s too expensive to use in my hair, but if I was feeling very decadent I might use it on the ends to help with the old split ends.  I really love the fragrance, especially at night, again it’s very calming and relaxing.  I have purchased previously in the smaller rollerball size, which actually works really well for under eye application.

You can also apply the concentrate under your moisturiser if you want to use for daytime.  Maybe you are heading out in rubbish weather and want some extra protection for your skin, that kind of thing.  I have worn it alone on non makeup days.

Loves – a beautiful facial oil, feels, looks and smells indulgent.  Fantastic for sensitive skin.

Not so Loves – it’s seriously expensive

Overall – I will repurchase until the end of my days!

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