Mini Mac Makeup Haul!

Who doesn’t love a haul, and a haul of new makeup is simply divine!   I recently had a tiny little splurge at Mac.  I bought four new products that I’ve kinda wanted / never knew I wanted until now!  Who am I kidding I can’t justify any of it and I may have made a little mistake, but here goes!

MAC Haul
MAC Haul
My pretties!
My pretties!

So I bought two new eye shadows, a lipstick / gloss pencil thing and a new eyeliner!  First up the eyeshadows, and hold tight for the best reason ever to buy an eyeshadow!

I bought MAC eyeshadow in ‘Shroom’ (£13).  And now for the best bit! I actually only bought this because my terrier is called Mushroom which gets shortened to either Mushy or Shroom!  So if MAC want to honour my pooch with a lovely eyeshadow, then hey I needed to purchase, obvs!  This is a lovely cream / off white base coat.  You absolutely couldn’t use this on its own, but it’s amazing as a lovely base, or even an inner corner highlighter.  It’s totally matte, and buildable.  This was a great purchase.  Love it!

I then bought a new Dazzle Shadow in ‘Say it isn’t So’ (£16).  These shadows are more expensive than the standard shadows.  I’m guessing this is because they are new, and they are super pigmented.  This one is very sparkly and pretty darn dark.  It’s a kind of grey / off black / purple type shade.  It’s stunning for an evening look, really buildable.  I used it as a wash over ‘Shroom’ then built and built in the corners to give me a really lovely sparkly smokey eye.  You will need shadow shields, or a jolly good coating of powder to protect your cheeks from powder fall when applying.

Next up I got the fairly newish SuperSlick Eyeliner in ‘On the Hunt’ (£18).  I love black eyeliners and I really like this one!  I’m surprised lots of people really don’t like MAC liquid eyeliners, lots of people say they flake or don’t last.  I find the opposite, this one is on a par with my usual Illamasqua version.  It’s got the spongy tip applicator that I like.  A definite tick on the old purchase front!

I’ve left the thing I’m most unsure of for last.  The lip product, again it’s new, is Patent Polish Lip Pencil in ‘Pleasant’ (£17.50).  I bought this online after reading it was a nude, pretty pink.  Hmmmm it’s definitely not my usual pretty pink, it’s more of a shocking out there pink!  I’m sure with a neutral eye it would look good, but in combination with the other products it’s a bit too much for me!  I’m really impressed with how this chubby pencil applies as a gloss though!  I have no idea how it works, especially as it looks matte in the pencil.  On the other plus side it’s got a twisty thing at the bottom, so you don’t need to sharpen, and it seriously doesn’t shift!  I’m drinking a glass of ice cold fizzy water right now, so far there is absolutely no product on the glass.  I’m going to persevere with this, maybe on a just mascara day!

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