The Body Shop Mango Range – Review

Ooooo mango!
Ooooo mango!

If you saw my products I’ll be trying in August post (it’s here!) you will know I’ve had another little splurge on a Body Shop collection!  This time I’ve opted for a new scent, an oldie but a goodie, it’s mango baby!  I’ve tried the Honeymania range, which I love (my post is here!)  but thought I’d try something a little more fruity for the end of the summer!

I opted this time for the following:

The shower gel (£4 for a big bottle) – this is a really beautiful gel.  Like all of the shower gels from the Body Shop I find its not in the least bit drying or dehydrating, it’s not moisturising at the same time, but it doesn’t leave my skin dry.  I find these shower gels last a really long time, the mango one is also available in a massive 750ml size.  The scent is super fresh and it definitely lingers on my ski for a good while.  The best bit is our bathroom smells divine after I’ve used this shower gel!  It’s a very fruity, sweet mango scent – love it!

The body butter (£14 for a big tub) – I struggle to see why the butters are so flipping expensive in comparison to everything else in the range.  Yes they are very nice indeed, but blimey they are outrageously expensive for a body moisturiser.  £10 would be more justifiable, but I never purchase without a discount, which every time I’ve visited the Body Shop website I’ve been able to get.  Anyhow I digress!   This body butter smells exactly like the mango perfume, it’s a very strong fruity mango smell – which I really like! It also definitely lingers on the skin, so my tummy smells great all day!  In terms of performance, this butter is excellent for very dry skin, especially as it stays put on your skin all day.  I’m moisturising stretch marks on my tummy at the moment and can’t really promise this stuff makes them disappear, but it does help with the texture of my skin.

The perfume (£8.50 for a handbag friendly size) – this gets very mixed reviews, and I’m really surprised!  I ordered this blind from the Body Shop website and I absolutely adore the scent!  It’s very sweet and very fruity, it’s true to the other products in the range and lasts on me quite a while (longer than the Honeymania perfume).  If you don’t like fruity scents, you really won’t like this!  I really like it!

Loves – a great fruity range, which layered works really well together and lasts a long time

Not so Loves – £14 for a high street body moisturiser is extautionate!  It’s a lovely product, but it’s over priced!

Overall – Another range I really love from the Body Shop

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