No saggy, puffy, swollen eyes here! Pharmagel Review!

No sagging here!
No sagging here!

So I am beyond obsessed with the skin under my eyes.  I’m still probably a year away from seriously considering Botox – I’ve got pretty close before, but then got pregnant!  So I’ve been searching for a while to  complement my fantastic Liz Earle eye cream.

I found Pharmagel Eye Treatment Pads at Feel Unique (full price £31).  You get sixty pads in a neat little jar (tip one keep in the fridge for super fresh eyes!).  They promise to relieve the effects of tired swollen eyes.  They are a ‘unique botanical herbal treatment’ which help to treat eye puffiness and sagginess ‘often associated with ageing, allergies, UV damage, fluid retention and environmental stress’.  They had me at fluid retention!  Since being thirty-four weeks pregnant, my whole body swelled up, fluid retention is a bit of a joke, it’s more like you absorb everything you consume and let nothing go!  So I was really excited to give these a go!

I don’t suffer with bad dark circles or anything like that, a little but of puffiness, and some fine lines – ugh!  I’ve been using these pads for a few days now.  Tip number two (!) cut the pad in half so it’s a half-moon shape.  Pop under your eyes and leave for ten minutes while you relax.  As I’ve kept my pads in the fridge they are super cooling, full of lovely botanical liquid treatment.  Post use, my morning puffiness is definitely reduced, which must mean they help a bit with the fluid retention.  I also noticed my under eye area felt firmer, without being tight after removal and leaving my skin to dry.

I cut my pads in half to target my puffy under eyes, but you could use the full pad to cover your full eye, especially if your suffering from hayfeaver, or extremely tired eyes.

Loves – these little pads are a lovely treat.  They work on the puffiness, not yet sure of any longer term benefits though!

Not so Loves – expensive for effectively thirty treatments, cut in half to make them better value!

Overall – a great little summer product.  I think these would be great to use before a big day, important meeting, wedding etc etc I’ll repurchase, but I won’t need to for a while cause I cut mine in half!!!

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