All about brows – for those that don’t have any!!

Oooo which would you pick?!
Oooo which would you pick?!

Do you remember when super thin, perfectly plucked eyebrows were in?  Well I was in heaven back in the day!  I have literally no eyebrows!  I have a smattering of very superfine hairs, precariously perched on my brow bone!  I rarely pluck them properly, because I have so few!  I only pluck a few stragglers every now and again!  So I’ve worn some kind of brow product since my late twenties, I’ve had dalliances with brow kits, I’ve even thought about having brows tattooed on!!

Here are my top picks for barely there brows, to give you something akin to a Cara!

Clinique Super Fine Liner For Brows (£14) – this has been my go to liner for about three or four years now, since having a mini makeover at a Clinique counter.  I always have one on the go and one in reserve as a just in case!  My shade is Soft Brown.  It’s a super fine little crayon, with a twisty thing so no need for sharpening.  It’s incredibly soft, very easy to apply, it would be difficult to over apply.  If you have very sparse eyebrows and you are worried about trying to do anything with your brows, go,to your nearest ?Clinique counter and get the lovely ladies to show you how to apply this.  It’s really simple, an eyebrow product for beginners.  I’m also blessed with one eyebrow higher than the other, and I find I can use this product very delicately to try and even myself out!

Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel (£3.99) – this is one of those mascara type wands.  If you’ve got some eyebrows I guess this stuff is a cult product.  For those of us with very fine brows, using a gel or any kind of mascara wand is incredibly difficult.  You can’t help but get too much product on your face, and indeed get it in the wrong place!  I have used this a couple of times to see if I can get it to work, but to be honest I think it’s best to steer clear of mascara gels!  Good colour for me though – I have it in Mid Brown.

MUA Eyebrow Pencil (Superdrug, wait for it £1!!!!!) – holy moley, yup this was £1!  Confession time, I only picked this up for the brush on the end, it was the cheapest way to buy a little eyebrow brush, but what a find!  I have this in brunette.  It’s a super soft pencil in a true brown, no red tone at all.  The brush is quite rough, so go carefully or you’ll also get an exfoliation for free!  I bush my brows upwards to try to fill them out a bit, then apply this very sparingly, no thick lines, just little flicks, which I then blend with the brush.  if you’re a little scared of this type of product, you can’t really go wrong for £1 can you?  Even if like me you only really wanted the brush

Overall – I’m a Clinique girl all the way for formulation, and great colour, but for £1 Superdrug have pulled it out of the bag!

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