September’s You Beauty Discovery Box

A beautiful box!
A beautiful box!

I’ve finally found a beauty subscription box that I actually think is worth the money!  The You Beauty Discovery Box is seriously cheap (£6.95 including post and packaging).  It’s probably the cheapest on the market!  Yes it’s small, you choose two items and then get a couple of bonus free items thrown in.  My review of the August box is here.  I thought the August ‘extra’ items were a bit rubbish to be honest, September is much better!  So here is what I got!

For my first item (one I picked) I got the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels – confession time before and for my wedding I overhauled my skin care regime and exclusively used this brand.  I used the Eye Gels on the morning of my wedding!  I adore this brand, but they are expensive, so I couldn’t justify carrying on purchasing everything I liked!  So I snapped up the Eye Gels when I saw them.  I got two sets, which I think is pretty generous and already covers the cost of the box – result!  These little under eye patches sort out morning puffiness in ten minutes.  They cool, soothe and de-puff, excellent for the morning after the night before, or a big event, like your wedding!  I love these, I just wish I could afford more!

For my next item I plumped for Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream – there were several versions of this to choose from.  I went with purifying as I love it’s ingredients, but also because weather wise we are in that Autumnal in-between season aren’t we, where you don’t need your heavy moisturiser, and your lightweight summer moisturising fluid isn’t enough.  This lovely cream is packed full of witch hazel, spearmint and my current favourite eucalyptus.  It smells divine, really botanical, very eucalyptus heavy!  It’s meant to support healthy cell renewal, and fight free radicals.  I love this cream, it’s just right for my now hormonal, slightly dry in patches skin.  Again it retails for around £10 online, so what a total bargain to have included in a beauty box!

Extras – I got a sample of Linwoods Chia Seed, great for adding fibre to the diet, I’ll pop it on my cereal tomorrow morning!  I also got a little sample of The Body Shop’s Oils of Life Facial Oil, I’m going to save this for my Welsh Holiday in October to help heal my skin from the beach!  As an added bonus I got a little circular make-up sponge, fantastic for freshening up an old sponge that should have been thrown out a month ago!

Loves – what a bargain!  My absolute favourites box on the market!

Not so Loves – I would pay more for more goodies, but hey I’m greedy!

Overall – try this box, you will not be disappointed!

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