Aussie Hair Oil – Review!

Disappointing hair oil - sad face!
Disappointing hair oil – sad face!

The release of the new Aussie hair oils snuck under my radar for some reason, unless they just appeared overnight and no one else really noticed?!  I used to love the three minute miracle hair mask, mainly because it smelled quite nutty to me!  I have even dabbled with their shower gels which I felt were just a bit ‘meh’, it’s a shame they couldn’t get these to pack the same fragrance punch as the hair care ranges.  So I had heard through social media that these new oils were coming, and I just happened to spot these in Boots the other day, so naturally I snapped up the version for damaged hair.  Here’s what I thought!

First up these oils are expensive!  £9.99 in Boots for an average sized bottle.  There are two versions available one for damaged hair and one for normal to fine hair.  As with all hair oils you can use in multiple ways, on dry hair to tame frizzy bits, damp hair to add shine or (as I like to do) at nighttime before the next day wash, for an overnight intensive moisturising treatment.

Aussie say this oil contains Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba-seed Oil and Avocado Oil.  It does smell true to the usual Aussie standards for hair care products.  It’s extremely pleasant to apply, and the fragrance lasts, making it feel like an expensive little spa type treat.

Here is the but!  And it’s a big old but!  This oil is one of those typical drug store oils that will never sink into your hair, not like a highly concentrated essential oil.  I’m not sure what the good stuff is mixed with to make it just sit on the top of your hair (just like the Garnier version did for me, my review is here), but that’s all this stuff does.  Yes it smells very pleasant and I’m sure adds a superficial layer of moisture to your dry hair, but it doesn’t penetrate for a deep down condition and therefore isn’t going to do very much ‘reconstructing’ to help damaged hair.  To be honest using good old fashioned olive oil on the ends of your hair would be just as good, probably even better.

For £10 there are better options out there, like a decent hair mask (yes even from the Aussie range) or £10 would get you a decent bottle of olive oil, or a tub of coconut oil to help repair damage.  This oil just smells nice, and is quite decent to use for a good old scalp massage.  It doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft at all, so it won’t be doing any damage repair.  Applied before heat styling it may help protect the hair against further damage, but that’s about it!

Loves – up to the usual Aussie fragrance standards

Not so Loves – as an oil it feels cheap and greasy, it’s not worth £10

Overall – invest your £10 in a good hair mask or tub of coconut oil if you want to sort out damaged hair, not this oil – sorry!

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