Guerlain Météorites Blossom Collection: Météorites Pearls – worth it?

Météorites Glorified setting powder?
Météorites Glorified setting powder?

If you follow my blog (why thank you lovely) then you know I recently purchased an airport special edition of the Guerlain Météorites Pearls.  I got a tiny little, but oh so cute pot with a brush and another pot of the Météorites blusher in a mini set for about £45 ish.  I have purchased the Pearls before, not quite sure what happened to them!  This was a little last-minute ‘Ooo I haven’t used those for yonks, they used to smell nice, why not’ purchase.

They cost a stonking £40 ordinarily and come in three colours.  Mine are in ‘2 Clair’.  So what are they for?  Well ‘Météorites hold the secret to Stardust technology, a light-creating polymer, which transforms light invisible to the naked eye into a pure and endless glow on the skin.’

Ah ha . . . No say it all again?!  Right so they are basically designed as a finishing powder, to give you a polished glow.  The different coloured ‘pearls’ are meant to do different things, for example the yellow counteracts redness in your skin.  This all amounts to a flawless, even complexion.

Lovely!  All you do is use a big powder brush, dip, into the pearls, and apply to your entire face in a light sweeping motion.  You could use a smaller contouring brush, and build up the product to use as a highlighter.  The sheen is pretty subtle, unless you build up to use as a highlighter!

I genuinely really like these little balls of fun!  But confession time, I mainly like them because they smell divine!  Remember Parma Violets?  Think that but even sweeter!  I love violet scents, I also love violet cream chocolates . . . Anything violet really.  So putting anything violet scented on my face is my dream!   I think they do add to a polished look, I’m not sure they give me a glow or illuminate a perfected complexion or any of that jazz.  If they were £20, I’d say what are you waiting for?  But they are extortionate for, what is basically a setting powder.  If you suffer from grey, or sallow skin then they are probably very worth trying.  If your under thirty, come on, you don’t really need this kind of step!  Also if you suffer from high colour pigmentation, like me, with my red patches in the winter, or my chronic blushing, they really aren’t strong enough to do anything dramatic to counteract those delights.  If you’ve got a spare £40 and like things that smell of violets, do it!

Loves – violet dream, good as a setting powder for us over thirty something’s, great also for grey, sallow days.

Not so Loves – it’s a seriously, luxury, high-end product.  It’s not essential, for anyone, sorry.

Overall – maybe on a birthday or Christmas list to justify the price.  They are lovely, they smell lovely, but not completely necessary!  I’m wearing a covering of this right now, and to be honest  you really wouldn’t know!

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