Book Review – Front Roe by Louise Roe

What a beauty!
What a beauty!

I love a good how to be more beautiful, look ten years younger, have more time, be more elegant type of a book.  I have stacks and stacks of them!  Front Roe is my latest find curtesy of Amazon.  The author Louise Roe, is a fashion journalist by background. She is a little pixie type creature, clearly a natural clothes horse of model proportions (hate her!), she is totally stunning.  Putting aside my natural envy, this book is a great find!  It’s packed with very genuine, very solid advice.  Yes it has the usual body types, how to dress an apple shape stuff, but thankfully the standard information that has been done hundreds of times, is kept to an absolute minimum.

The book is definitely aimed at young women, but not like the recent smattering of Vlogger / Blogger offerings, which are aimed at very young women and teenagers.  Louise is a scary unattainable size in my humble opinion, but if you love fashion and beauty this is a great little style bible that can translate into useful information for us more (ahem) average types!

Naturally the emphasis is on fashion and that is the biggest section within the book.  There are some really great sections on vintage (great for those of us who have never really indulged) and for caring for your hard earned purchases.  In terms of beauty, this section is more of a manual type set of instructions.  I do really like this section having said that!  I love the section on finding your signature scent, on this one Louise and I totally agree! (You can read my thoughts here).  There is also a great section on lifestyle, full of really fantastic hints on time on interior decor (making your bathroom space beautiful is my personal favourite) and a great little chapter on being the perfect hostess.  I also really like the little addition of Louise’s top ten movies for fashionistas!

The way the book ends is particularly noteworthy.  It’s not all about being perfect and stick thin, it ends on a great note about actually just being kind to yourself and taking away some inspiration from the book.

Loves – very enjoyable Sunday afternoon read, some useful tips and reminders

Not so Loves – some of its been done before (dressing for body types and shapes for example) but I think with this genre of book it’s pretty unavoidable

Overall – a lovely gift for a twenty or thirty something who has a passion for beauty and fashion.

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