Massive Bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner! Are they worth it?

Massive Bottles - are they really worth it?!
Massive Bottles – are they really worth it?!

Ive very recently purchased some utterly massive bottles of shampoo and conditioner!  I decided to do this because I thought I’d try to prepare for the arrival of my little one, assuming I’m going to be housebound for a few weeks, and unlikely to spend much time online shopping.  Also I’ve secretly always fancied owning enormous, very professional looking bottles of shampoo and conditioner!

I opted, after much procrastination for Redken 1000ml bottles!  I went for Blonde Idol Shampoo (£25) and Diamond Oil Conditioner (£31).  I really like Redken, they are kind of Middle of the road salon brands, more expensive than Paul Mitchell, sort of up there with Kerastase (which I love).  The Blonde Idol range is slightly bluish to keep blondes from being brassy, it’s also colour safe.  The Diamond Oil range is for us dry heads!  It helps with damaged or very dry hair, and again it’s really good for coloured hair.

So obviously £56 is a massive outlay all in one go for some shampoo and conditioner really isn’t it?  Well not really, I bought both bottles from Look Fantastic, where the actual RRP of the bottles was nearer £45 each!  🙀 Now that’s expensive!  The normal sized bottles (300ml) are usually in salons for about £13 for a shampoo, more for conditioner.  Economy wise it’s a no brainer to buy utterly massive sizes.  Especially if you can get them from somewhere like Look Fantastic, that sell them for well under the RRP.  And usually with such a large outlay you will get a free gift – hurrah!

So what are the pros and cons?


1000ml of shampoo or conditioner is a lot!  It will probably take me 2-3 months on continuous use to get through these

It’s far more economical to buy in bulk like this – they represent at least a free bottle if you compare against buying the same number of normal sized bottles at the normal RRP

If you are going to be housebound for a little while, maybe you’re having a baby, operation etc or your internet access is going to be down for a while, it’s great to be prepared!

If the zombie apocalypse happens – your hair will be squeaky clean, unlike the zombies!


Its a big financial commitment initially.  Spending £50-£60 on some shampoo and conditioner seems outrageous!

You better like the stuff you buy!  Cause you are going to be stuck with it for a long time!

If you like to try new things, change brands often, investing in massive bottles will not be worth it for you.

Not all brands do these mega sizes for us mere mortals.  If your favourite brand don’t, you could try to chat up your hairdresser to see if they will order some on your behalf.


Next month I’ll be happy with my purchase!  This month I’m still recovering from the I initial outlay!  I think humongous sized bottles are definitely worth it!

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