Eye Bright from Liz Earle – Review

Eye Saviour
Eye Saviour

This is one of those products you never really knew you needed and probably haven’t really tried before!  As with everything Liz Earle, I discovered this during one of their signature facials (if you live anywhere near one of their actual stores you need to have an LE facial – I miss Leed’s for this reason and this reason alone!).

This little soothing eye lotion is a super cooling and comforting liquid, which you apply to smooth cotton wool pads, gently place over your eyes and have a ten minute or so doze somewhere!  As you remove the pads your nasty buldgy eye bags disappear as well!  I’ve noticed recently I’ve suddenly got eye bags!  Not pleasant I can assure you!  I wake up looking exhausted most of the time, and come the afternoon the dreaded eye bag fluid is back!  This stuff works a charm!  It’s absolutely marvellous first thing in the morning, or as an additional treat while you’ve got your face mask on.  I’ve found with similar products after a few minutes the skin around my eyes becomes irritated, and I’m screaming ‘get it off, get it off!’, I don’t find that with Eyebright.  It seems to be seriously refreshing while also having  a good hit of moisturising qualities.

You very often get a little sample of Eyebright when you purchase online and I always take my little bottle with me for holidays.  You can also use it as a very gentle eye make up remover.  I’ve even read somewhere it’s good for dogs who have eye infections!  It’s probably pretty good for human eye infections!  Keep it in your fridge for an even more intense hit of depuffing in the morning!

Eyebright retails at £13.25 – I’ve had my bottle for a long time, so I think it represents pretty good value for money.

Loves – perfect for its intended use as a depuffer, but also has a multitude of other uses

Not so Loves – it contains parabens – a big no generally for me

Overall- I do really like this, it’s not essential, but it’s a nice to have!

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