Say Yes! To some really nice shower gels!

Yes Yes Yes!
Yes Yes Yes!

I was in Boots the other day merrily stocking up on all things baby, and generally having a mad dash around, desperately trying to remember all the things my little family were running low on.  One of those things was body wash / shower gel and I was very pleased to see a brand I had wanted to try for a while on offer!

The ‘Say Yes to’ range is now vast, covering off bath and body products as well as a huge range of facial products.  The range is all about being as natural as possible, free from nasty old parabens and SLS, they are also cruelty free and contain upwards of 90% natural ingredients.

I purchased two massive body washes, both retail at £4.99 usually.

I opted for Say Yes to Carrots Body Wash – a lovely moisturising amber and carrot fragranced gel.  Firstly the shower gels are utterly massive for the price (280ml).  The fragrance is quite subtle, although more obvious than the other version I purchased.  Apparently ‘thanks to the power of anti-oxidants’, this shower gel is particularly good for your skin!

I also opted for Say Yes to Blueberries Body Wash – this one is scented with blueberries and lavender, true bliss!  I used this one in the bath and it foamed up really well.  The scent isn’t as stand out or lingering as I would usually like, but it is very pleasant at the time of use.  My skin did feel squeaky clean after using both washes in different ways, and I wasn’t left with my usual dry skin on my arms.

Both products are a pleasure to use, and because they don’t contain anything nasty, they are family friendly as well!

Loves – bargain for the size of product, I don’t think I’ll be running out of either for some time!  Also who doesn’t love cruelty free products that don’t contain any nastiness?

Not so Loves – the fragrance doesn’t last and doesn’t particularly pack a punch when you’re using them.

Overall – great family friendly products

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