The best conditioning sprays?

Oh no almost empty!
Oh no almost empty!

My hair is seriously important to me!  I spend a shed load of money on it, mainly because it’s dry, coloured and I feel constantly damaged by heat, colouring and styling.  Whenever I can get away with it, I leave it to air dry, which means it ends up as a frizzy, poofy cotton wool ball!  I wash it every three days, not because I’m lazy (!) but because I feel like washing it anymore damages it further.  I’m not sure how true this actually is, when I was super sporty I washed it every day.  Anyhow!  I consistently use some kind of conditioning spray on my freshly washed, damp hair.  Here are my top picks!

Ojon Revitalising Mist (original)

This retails around the £20.50 mark (I usually buy Ojon products from Boots for the advantage card points!).   This mist is part of Ojon’s dry recovery range.  Usually with Ojon you either love the scent or hate it, this mist has non of the bizarre stale tobacco scent you get with the tub treatments.  It’s actually very pleasant and lasts all day!  Hurrah!  So what’s it meant to do?

Well, it uses the oil from the Ojon tree (upon which the whole range is built) to spruce up dull or dehydrated hair.  It’s primarily a detangler and an anti frizz spray.  A few pumps on damp hair, dry and style as usual and your hair feels lovely and soft and smells super fresh.  I’ve repurchased this little beaut several times, mainly because I think the range is actually really good for your hair and it smells so lovely.  I usually have quite tangly hair after a jolly good shampoo, I think this helps a bit combined with gentle use of my tangle teaser.

Loves – smells divine and contains the natural Ojon Oil

Not so Loves – it’s pricey

Overall – a hit for me and a constant repurchase!

Phillip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

This retails at £14 for a little bottle from Feel Unique.  I got my bottle as part of a free gift spa set and I have to admit to using fairly consistently ever since.  This little diamond has been around for a while now and won lots of lovely awards when it first came out.  It promises to ‘not only offer protection from daily environmental wear, such as UV rays and heated styling aids, but also instantly boost your hair’s overall condition, manageability and shine’.  Wow huh?!

Again it smells really lovely, and the scent lasts all day.  Exactly as with the Ojon spray, a few pumps on freshly washed, damp hair is all you need before using any heat and styling.  It doesn’t weigh your hair down or leave any nasty sticky residue.  It’s a little extra step in my routine that I believe is helping me not cause quite so much damage to my coloured, dry hair.  I actually prefer the scent of this one, even though I love the Ojon version, and I prefer that it categorically offers heat protection.

Loves – it’s beautifully scented and is a great little multitasker

Not so Loves – nothing really

Overall – this is my standout winner of the two.  I do like alternating them though, so I will repurchase both!

3 thoughts on “The best conditioning sprays?

  1. I love the philip Kingsley daily damage defence too but I would recommend trying the beauty protector version available at birchbox. I think it’s even better, smells great and I think it’s a bit cheaper too.

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