Baby Massage!

Great oil for baby massage!
Great oil for baby massage!

Since my beautiful boy was born I really haven’t put him down! Yes I haven’t slept for longer than three hours straight in weeks, but who cares when you’ve finally got what you always wanted?  One of the things I really enjoy doing is baby massage.  I love a jolly good massage myself (one day I’ll leave the house and get one again!), so I really love doing mini massages on my baby.  Plus baby Glamour was so overdue he over cooked and spent too long swimming around in amniotic fluid (like you’ve been in the bath too long!), so is shedding quite a bit of skin, meaning he needs lots of oils and creams to protect the skin.  I only use Neals Yard baby specific products on him.  It’s the only brand I trust for a newborn, especially as there have been recent ‘confessions’ from major baby product manufacturers about some scary consequences to using their products.  One of my first ever blog posts was on my love for Neals Yard here!

We’ve added to our baby Neals Yard product collection by purchasing the baby massage oil.  It retails at £7.50 for a little bottle.  It’s 100% organic organic, and contains ‘essential oils of rose otto and Roman chamomile’.  You need hardly any oil to massage legs and tummy.  I also apply to his back where he has dry skin.  It’s really lovely to use after your little one has their bath.  It is recommended for use from three months, but Ive been using since two weeks, combined with the Baby Balm they do, which I would very highly recommend!  It doesn’t smell highly fragranced, but it does smell really lovely and deeply relaxing.

So there are some really good baby massage classes out there, and some really good online tutorials.  My favourite is the Mothercare app that shows you how to do a range of techniques for a range of different problems, or for plain old relaxation.  I won’t repeat the content of perfectly good apps and You Tube tutorials to tell you how to do baby massage.  I think it’s a wonderful bonding opportunity, especially for Dads, if Mum is solely breastfeeding.  It takes virtually no time at all, we are not talking deep tissue massage here after all!  Just gentle strokes and wiggly circular motions.  It so lovely to see your baby make eye contact, and visibly relax as you use gentle strokes.  The added benefit is that babies tend to get sleepy after a little massage.

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