What I’m looking forward to trying October!

It’s hard to find time to research new products and keep up with the latest trends in beauty and make up with such a tiny person demanding so much of my time lately!  I’d love to devote my October post to all the things I’ve been waiting for my baby to grow into or become interested in, but hey I deserve some nice new things to right?!

Well first up the house gets something nice!  I’m a huge fan of nice candles and home fragrancing generally. The Body Shop have done their home range for a really long time now, so I thought this month would be a good month to rediscover some of the range.  I opted for a candle and reed diffuser in the jasmine and white frangipani scent.  The candle retails at £10 and the diffuser is £15.  The candle has some pretty mixed reviews online, suggesting it’s very strongly scented (surely a plus point?) and that it doesn’t burn evenly.  I bought both items with 40% off online, so if the candle doesn’t burn too evenly I don’t mind terribly.  I’ve had a sniff of the candle and didn’t think it was terribly strong.  October will be a great month to try both together!

Home fragrancing
Home fragrancing

Next up, I’ve purchased a few Hairy Maclary books for a certain person!  We’ve been hooked on one of the books for a few weeks now and I thought we needed some new stories in the series.  These books are just delightful, they are extremely funny when read in different voices, they rhyme and the pictures are super cute!  My little guy is very young for books, but he has started looking at the pictures, and the time we spend reading together is beyond magical!  You are never too young for a good book!

Baby Books!
Baby Books!

Bathbombs!  I’ve got two new bubble bars (Bathbombs to you and I!) from Lush to try.  I think this kind of thing is a naughty little indulgence as they do work out to be quite expensive for a single bath.  I’ve got Milk Bath (apparently the best of all bombs for creating bubbles) which is as cute as a button and then Grass (I think this is totally new to the range, it’s super pretty) which is a limited edition Kitchen product.  Both are about £4 each and look and smell delicious!  I’ve just got to find half an hour somewhere for a relaxing soak in the tub!

Relaxing in my tub!
Relaxing in my tub!

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