September’s Glossybox

A Glossy September?!
A Glossy September?!

This is a very late review of September’s Glossybox in part because I think I received it half way through the month and in part due to the contents being just so darn underwhelming!!  It’s a lovely box this month, beautifully designed and very pretty.  The reality is I have a stack of cardboard boxes under my dressing table, all very pretty and all filled with bits and bobs I’ll probably never use!

 I’ll start with the good and end with the ugly!

Maria Nila Hair Masque – this was announced as a preview before the box was launched and was actually the only reason I kept my subscription going for another month.  This is a full size hair masque for coloured hair.  It’s definitely full sized, not fake full size!  It smells lovely when applied, it’s super thick and very moisturising on my coloured hair.  I have to confess I love this product.  It’s the standout of the box and saves the other contents!  I’ve even managed to make time to use this properly with a newborn around – that’s how good it is!

Marsk Eyeshadow Brush – again apparently full sized but it’s on the small side of full!  It’s a nice shape and decent quality.  Definitely a full coverage brush for your base colour rather than any detail work.  A nice addition and I’m pleased, but it certainly isn’t worth the quoted price (on a par with a MAC brush).

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder – it’s a nice shimmery eyeshadow in a dark grey.  It’s a faff to get out of the container as its a loose eyeshadow, why do they make these?!  A nice staple colour, nothing crazy unique or high end.

Invisibobble – plastic hair ties.  I confess to wanting to try these so I was pretty pleased to see them included.  Mine are transparent and not the odd grey colour others seem to have got!  I’m glad I got them included in this set, they are ok.  They work, surprisingly!

Nails Inc Nail Polish – you either got pink or khaki.  I got ‘khaki’.  It’s not khaki it’s mud coloured!  It’s flipping horrible and I’m going to try to give it away.  I would never use such a sludgy colour!  Yuck!

Overall – an ok box, lots of full sized products, most of which I was very happy to try.  Shame about the mud coloured nail polish!!

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