Body Shop Satsuma Dream!

Fresh and fruity!
Fresh and fruity!

I recently ran out of my favourite Body Shop goodies!  I really like their matching ranges, having a shower gel and matching perfume is just lovely!  I’ve tried their Honeymania and Mango ranges pretty much in full and reviewed them both here and here!

So I’ve now had a little dalliance with their lovely Satsuma range!  I love a good fruity scent and this one is particularly fresh and fruity!  Here is what I got:

Soap – £2 I needed a new soap for my bathroom.  Yes I love a liquid hand soap, a particularly luxurious one, but I also like the option of a bar of soap.  Not only do they scent the room, but for some reason I think they leave your skin squeaky clean, and I sometimes like to use them to give my make up brushes a quick scrub!    The Body Shop’s soap is super cheap and very highly scented!  Yes my bathroom smells very orangey right now!  It’s a great fresh scent, it’s quite sweet, but not sickly at all.  It’s also a great bright colour, to cheer you up into winter.

Shower Gel – £4 I’m a huge fan of the Body Shop shower gels, I think they are excellent value, uniquely scented and they last a long time.  The Satsuma version is true to the range in terms of its scent, a quite intense fruity sweet scent.  It lathers really well and it lasts quite a while on the skin post use.  Again it leaves you bathroom smelling fresh too!

Perfume – £8.50 these perfumes are such great value for money!  This one and the Mango version are a little immature, no they are not complex, clearly very expensive designer perfumes.  Yes they are very fresh, fruity and light scents!  I adore them for their fun factor alone.  They are cheap enough to use everyday and to use for nothing other than pleasure!  These scents don’t tend to last a long time, although they are quite intense when you first spritz.  To be honest they are cheap enough to pop in your bag and reapply throughout the day.  I love them for an everyday fragrance layering.

Body Shop satsuma range is the fruitiest yet!  A really uplifting, holidays reminding type fragrance!

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