Sorting out brassy blondes with a little help from Lush!


I love a little Lush!  Yes I loved it when it was Cosmetics To Go (when I was a pre teen I think!) and I loved when it came back and hit the high street with a bath bomb bang!  I adore a jolly good soak in the tub with a lovely Lush bath bomb, there is something girly, cute and very youthful about a Lush bath bomb, while something oh so adult about paying £5 a pop for a good one!  Anyhow I do love a good splurge periodically in Lush and I like trying new things from their kitchen range.  One of my staples is their blue / violet shampoo Daddy-O to sort out my brassy highlights.  You know that horrible washed out, worn out colour you get a few months after having your highlights done.  No matter how white blonde or ash blonde you hair, after a while you get the golden glow don’t you?!

Live found using a really good violet or blue based shampoo can help resurrect old highlights in need of some attention.  I’ve gone too blue occasionally and I’ve been left with an actual blue tinge!  I’ve also found lots of silver shampoos don’t actually do very much!  Lush Daddy-O is quite different in that it does work tone down the brass!  It’s £5.50 for a really little bottle (it does come in bigger sizes).  It’s quite expensive for the amount you get, but it does really pack a punch.  It’s a crazy thick goopy shampoo that takes a good two washes to get any lather.  It literally sits in your hair to tone the brass down.  I find it works so well that you don’t have to leave it in for any amount of time, literally double wash and it gets the job done!

I was really excited to see that Lush have also added a solid conditioning bar to this range in the form of Sugar Daddy-O, it retails at £5.95 for a really little bar.  I’ve used Lush solid shampoos and conditioners before (my review is here as part of holiday beauty), both are exceptional if your going on holiday with only hand luggage.  This little bar is super moust uprising and smells divine.  You have to trust a solid conditioner as it’s slightly odd to use for the first time!  You wash as usual and then swipe the solid conditioner over your hair and down the lengths.  I also like to use as an overnight leave in treatment.

For the price it’s quite disappointing to get such a tiny little bar of product, but boy do these solid bars of conditioner last a really long time!  Sugar Daddy-O is great fun to use, as well as actually doing what it promises!  It helps tone down the bras sinless perfectly when used in conjunction with the shampoo.

Loves – I love the violet scent of both of these products and the fact that they work on brassy tones perfectly.

Not so Loves – I find a solid and a liquid quite an odd combination in a single range, but hey!  I also dislike the fact that you have to double wash with the shampoo to get any lather.  To me later equals clean!

Overall – Great to use once a week on coloured hair that really is past its sell by date!

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