Things I really didn’t need as a new mum!

Before my lovely baby I arrived I think I literally bought everything on every Internet list or new parent book I could possibly find!  I took three bags to hospital my husband took two!  I think we prepared for some kind of baby apocalypse!  Seven weeks in, I can now tell you what an utter waste of time and money some things were and what we should have concentrated on instead!

The smack my hand against my forehead in a ‘why did I buy that’ fit of exasperation were . . .

A Moses Basket – I laughed with derision when someone told me their baby outgrew a Moses Basket in three weeks!  Numpty, I thought, you are clearly a fool!  I purchased an expensive Moses Basket and numerous fitted sheets for its tiny mattress, and a flipping stand, all in all probably well over £150.  My little bundle of joy moved out of the basket at six weeks!  Admittedly he is long for his age, but the basket was a total waste of money! It was an utter pain in the middle of the night lifting him in and out when I was almost crying in agony from my stitches.  Avoid like the plague I say, and my goodness they would be a total no no if you had a C-section.  But no one ever tells you do they?  We have now purchased a side sleeping cot (Chico Next to Me).  We don’t use it as a side sleeper, but it sits next to my side of the bed.  It’s tough lifting him in and out from a sitting position, but it’s enormous, will last until he is six months and doubles as a travel cot.  They are £150, but worth every penny in my opinion.  

This was an expensive mistake and means we now have a redundant Moses Basket, a side sleeping cot and a massive, sturdy cotbed in his nursery.  Who has three beds for goodness sake?!

Feeding paraphernalia – In my general pre baby panic, OCD shopping / hoarding, we bought a manual great pump, then realised that would be too difficult and purchased an electric double pump, along with a bottle warmer and steriliser.  I’m ashamed to even tot this little lot up, but thankfully breastfeeding is working like a dream for us, and yes you guessed it, we’ve used none of this stuff!  It will, I’m sure, all come in handy in a few more months when we may have a night out, or he goes off to nursery, but you really don’t need all this stuff straight away.  My advice would be to save some cash and see how things work out.  Remember in the digital age, if you really need something it can usually be delivered in 24 hours! 

Top and Tail (special bowl) – used once!  Get yourself a cheap plastic baby bath, and for everyday you can’t beat WaterWipes (my post is here).  You don’t need a special little bowl.  It’s not expensive, but it would be better investing in some sponges for the bath.  Babies aren’t dirty and don’t need loads of scrubbing and washing!  

Season Specific Clothes – Awww the cute little shorts and t-shirts we have hanging in the nursery wardrobe!  Loads of them! My little darling was due at the very start of August but didn’t rock up until virtually the end of the month!  Now he can wear cute stuff other than baby grows, it’s not exactly cute short weather now is it?!  Be careful with season specific baby clothes!   What an utter waste of money!

Is that enough?!  I’ve probably got loads more!  I will do a post for pregnant ladies on what I found useful post baby for hospital and those first week at home for yourself, let alone little munchkins!  Is there anything you’ve bought for baby preparation and never used?

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