More Eucalyptus Love!

Soapy La La!
Soapy La La!

I adore eucalyptus, I make no effort to hide my love for this wonder plant!  I’ve discovered shower gels and bath bombs containing this distinctive scent (my review of the Kneipp version is here) and I even took the neat oil with me to the labour ward to apply to my NHS pillow!  There is something ridiculously clean and refreshing about eucalyptus as a fragrance.  It appeals to the OCD clean and neat freak in me, it’s a more pleasant version of a strong chemical based clean!  Anyhow on a recent Lush splurge I was thrilled to find this little soapy gem!

Outback Mate (£3.50 for a humongous bar) is a pepperminty, lemongrassy, eucalyptus dream of a soap!  It’s delightfully blue, as in it will coat your hands in blue suds, and when I used it in the bath it did colour my bath water a sea blue!  It smells divine, it definitely more eucalyptus than anything else (hurrah!).  I’ve used it to wash my hands, and to wash my entire body in the bath.  It’s not drying at all, and is naturally antibacterial, so left me feeling super squeaky clean!

It fragrances the whole bathroom with a lovely fresh scent which lasts for ages.  I love this soap, if I could bottle the fragrance and wear it as a perfume, I definitely would!  Heaven!

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