A seriously good hair treatment from Lush!

This does have a huge S on the front but I used mine before taking a photo!
This does have a huge S on the front but I used mine before taking a photo!

I am obsessive about conditioning and treating my hair, especially as it’s coloured and straightened often.  I recently discovered a great little treatment from Lush’s kitchen range (the get it while you can online super fresh range!).

Snake Oil is £5.50 when it’s available, but boy does this stuff sell out quickly!

Like the Lush massage bars, Snake Oil is a solid bar you melt between your fingers to create the oil. You then apply to your scalp (and I apply to the ends as well) to give yourself a little scalp massage and healing, rescuing treatment all in one.  The product is designed for very dry scalps and for those suffering with dandruff.  When I used mine, I applied the night before a hair wash, so that I got a good nine hours of treatment.

The bar itself is extremely strongly scented (you’ll either be a lover or a hater of this), to the point where post wash I could still smell the product!  It’s meant to contain tea tree , peppermint, and lavender oils along with lovely moisturing butters.  I’m not sure exactly what makes the bar smell so strong or distinctive, but it’s not any one ingredient.

If you massage into your scalp, you’ll find as an oil it isn’t that easy to work with, it will cause your hair to clump and stick together, and you will therefore end up with bush hair at the end of the process!  The morning after I washed my hair with Daddy-O (Lush’s silver shampoo) and gave it a jolly good condition as usual.  My hair was left super shiny and in great condition.  My scalp is a little on the dry side at the moment, I’m not sure it helped too much with that problem post wash, but I don’t have any dandruff (perish the thought!).

Loves – I really love the very strong scent of this product and I like the results

Not so Loves – pretty darn difficult to work with to apply

Overall – I do wish I’d purchased two when they were for sale in the kitchen

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