An Oldie but a Goodie?!

Semi Matte Perfection
Semi Matte Perfection

Corn Silk loose translucent powders have been around since the dawn of time as far as I remember!  I have never purchased one until very recently.  I usually use Illamasqua translucent powder, but to be honest it’s more white than translucent!  I find most translucent powders are actually white, it’s rare to find any that have any colour.  The Corn Silk semi matte is a very light in colour powder, it’s not white, neither is it actually a discernible shade.  It works really well for my now very fair complexion.

Anyhow Corn Silk retails at £8.29 (weird price!) from Boots for a massive pot of the stuff!  It comes with a spongy puff applicator.  It’s a loose powder with an utterly useless inner lid with holes in to tap a little out at a time.  This is sealed with a really rubbish sticker that wouldn’t come off, so I’m having to use my powder by very carefully removing this inner lid very carefully each time, and using with a brush.

The first thing I noticed about this product was the fragrance!  It’s a really old fashioned scent, like old lady face powder!  It definitely reminded me of the powder my Grandmother used to use!  It’s a very distinctive and strong fragrance to say the least!  It’s actually quite a nice product to use though, it has some kind of walnut formula that gives it a really silky texture.  It worked really well for me to set my makeup in place and helped to reduce shine.  It didn’t have much staying power on the shine front for me, to be fair nothing does, my nose is shiny about twenty minutes after makeup application!  It did give me a very good even coverage and it did help to set my makeup.  The colour for me was just right, if you have medium to dark skin I’m not sure this would be so suitable.

Loves – nice product at a reasonable price, it also very widely available in Boots

Not so Loves – shockingly rubbish packaging!  And I have no idea how on earth you would use this on the go, it’s a definite dressing table product

Overall – I’m a bit luke warm on this one.  The packaging made me cross, and the fragrance is a little off putting!  Shame!

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