Tried and Tested – Breast Pads

The best breast pads!
The best breast pads!

I’m really very lucky in that I’ve found breastfeeding relatively easy, and actually a lovely bonding experience with my new baby.  Despite the horror stories about how much it hurts, and on the other side the militant thou shalt breast feed or you will go straight to hell, it’s actually a really calm, gentle time for my baby and I.  However you choose to feed your baby is your choice, they are your baby.

The pressure women are put under at the moment by healthcare professionals is horrific.  Even for me, I said all the way through, every single time I was asked (probably into the hundreds of times), post and immediately after birth, yes I absolutely wanted to breastfeed.  I occasionally felt I wasn’t believed when I said it was what I wanted to do, it was crazy!  Even now healthcare professionals find it rather surprising that for me, it’s going fine, it’s a pleasant experience and I intend to carry on.  I dread to think what the experience of new mothers who chose not to breast feed is!  Anyhow, whatever you decide you are going to be needing the delights that are breast pads!

Seven weeks in I’ve tried a few different brands, and gone through a lot of these little beauties!  Generally I find they are scratchy and unpleasant, and expensive.  I go through four pads in twenty four hours, which I don’t think is too bad.  A pair for the day and a pair at night.  No one really prepares you for the leaking of milk do they?!

Anyhow the brands I’ve tried and tested are …

Boots own brand – they come in a pack of forty and have one sticky strip at the back to attach to your bra. These were the worst for me (even though I got them free using my Advantage Card and signing up to Boots Parenting Club).  I found the edges would roll slightly and be incredibly itchy!  I used them up, but I wouldn’t repurchase unless I was desperate!

Tommee Tippee – I got these as part of the sterilising set.  Again I probably wouldn’t purchase these.  They were individually wrapped (in my opinion essential for hygiene) and slightly softer than the Boots version, but they still had the propensity to be itchy!

Mothercare Aloe Vera – these are more of a night time pad as they are pretty bulky in comparison to the others.  They are individually wrapped, but not well as its a faff to get them out of the packet!  These aren’t terribly itchy, they are pretty good for nights.

Lansinoh – £5.69 for 60.  I actually purchased these from Waitrose.  They are the best as far as I’m concerned.  Yes they are expensive, but you get a box of 60 (Boots came in boxes of 40), but they are super soft, no itchiness!  They are super slim, individually wrapped and slightly lilac which makes them feel slightly less clinical!

Leaking milk is unpleasant, it just is!  So it’s worth investing in breast pads that work for you, keep you comfortable and are discreet.  For those reasons I can’t recommend Lansinoh enough!

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