Liz Earle Number 20 new fragrance!

A new fragrance find!
A new fragrance find!

Botanical Essence number 20 launched this year to celebrate Liz Earle’s twenty year anniversary – hurrah!  I adore Liz Earle fragrances (you may remember my review here!).  I had been itching to try this new one for a while, especially as it promises roses galore.  Now that I don’t live anywhere near a Liz Earle store, I was really reluctant to buy (and part with £49) a full bottle without sniffing!  I received a sample thankfully, in one of my many orders!  I’m so glad I didn’t purchase the full size, as I’m so disappointed to say it’s not for me!

It’s meant to be packed full of sandalwood and damask rose, but unlike the other Liz Earle fragrances I found it didn’t really smell of too much.  I’m willing to admit I only had a tiny sample to go on, enough for one application, but I found it so disappointing and that it didn’t really smell of roses at all.  The other fragrances I find seriously pack a punch, and because of that aren’t to everyone’s taste, so I wonder if this much more subtle scent has been brought out to address that?

I’ve seen a few other reviews say the same as me (some in very strong terms!) that it really doesn’t smell of a great deal!  I wonder if there has been a quality control issue as some reviewers love it, others have washed it off after an application or given their bottles away – who got my share of the roses?!  I’m really pleased I didn’t part with almost £50 for this, or worse still pay the £4 for the tiny sample.  It’s such a shame as I normally love anything Liz Earle.

Loves – nothing sorry, I certainly couldn’t smell any rose!

Not so Loves – well everything about this!

Overall – I won’t be purchasing – a sad day for me!

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