Rose Jam from Lush!


How have I only just heard of Rose Jam from Lush?!  How?!  I love Rose as a fragrance so anything rosy I tend to snap up as soon as I see it!  From what I understand Lush have periodically sold Rose Jam in shower gel form as part of a gift set, and I believe the bath bomb was a special edition at some point.  Anyhow you can now buy both with abandon, and you really should!

The scent of both products is really distinctive, it’s a cross between rose, sweet vanilla, maybe a bit of Turkish Delight in there.  I used the entire bath bomb (bubbleroon), and my bath was super pink and super scented.  The fragrance lasted on my skin for ages (I smelled divine, even if I do say so myself!) and I found it quite a lovely moisturising product as an added bonus   I think using the entire product is pretty indulgent and a rather expensive habit to get into, it’s perfectly possible to use half the bar and get the same result!

The shower gel is really unique, again the same absolutely divine fragrance, that leaves your skin super squeaky clean and scented for ages.  It made my bathroom smell lovely for ages after my shower to boot!  I adore the rosy, candy scent of both of these products and am extremely pleased with my latest Lush find!

The shower gel is £4.95 and the bath bomb is £3.75 – yummy!

Loves – a delightful and unique rosy fragrance!

Not so Loves – the bath bomb is pretty indulgent for the money, but I think it’s well worth it!  Maybe use half to get the most for your hard earned pennies?

Overall – I adore these two products, I would love a matching soap and body moisturiser!  Try having a lovely bath with these while using Rosy Cheeks face mask (my review here) for a Rose filled sensual journey!

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