My favourite hand washes!

Lovely hand washes!
Lovely hand washes!

My favourite brand to use for my family is very definitely Neal’s Yard.  I’ve written a couple of posts on their range for babies here and here.  It’s a brand I trust completely to use on my son, right from him being a newborn with very dry skin!  I like to have really lovely hand wash in my home, especially in our family bathroom and for guests to use.  I think decent hand wash is a little, affordable luxury, so why not?!

My two favourite hand washes from Neal’s Yard are Bee Lovely and Geranium and Orange.  Both washes are absolutely huge and retail at £12.50.  They come in the very distinctive Neal’s Yard blue bottles.  The packaging is just lovely, it looks very high end and expensive!

Bee Lovely is in our family bathroom, we use it to wash our hands before bathing our little one.  It’s part of a range that supports bees, it’s all natural and of course largely organic.  It’s super fragrant with lovely moisturising honey and orange and mandarin essential oils.  The scent lasts for ages on your hands.  I’m hoping the beautiful, bright packaging will encourage my son to use hand wash as he grows up!  I also adore that Neal’s Yard are donating £10,000 to save the buzzy bees as part of this product campaign – a company that produces beautiful products and champions great causes!

The Geranium and Orange wash is for our guests!  The scent is absolutely stunning, very botanical and fruity.  This wash is packed full of purifying ingredients to ensure hands are squeaky clean.  It’s almost too good to let anyone else use!

Both washes are a real pleasure to use, they give a really pleasant lather to thoroughly clean your skin without drying it out.

Loves – beautiful organic and natural ingredients, in absolutely stunning packaging

Not so Loves – nothing!

Overall – beautiful family products I will use for a lifetime!

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