Argan+ Deep Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Deep repair shampoo and conditioner
Deep repair shampoo and conditioner

Now you know I love me a jolly good hair product right?!  I recently came across Argan+ deep repair shampoo and conditioner (from Feel Unique £5.99 each) and obviously had to try!  Both products are stuffed full of lovely Argan oil (to get the original oil in its purest form  it’s well worth a trip to Morocco I reckon!), and have added Keratin and Baobab Oil to ‘help strengthen and intensely moisturise hair from root to tip to give it more manageability, smoothness and shine.’

I used both products over the course of a week away when I didn’t do anything to my hair apart from wash and condition it, mainly because I forgot my hairdryer!  The shampoo had a very pleasant long lasting fragrance, the conditioner was disappointing on the fragrance front for me!  I like shampoos and conditioners to be very highly perfumed.

I didn’t find the shampoo to be that great to be honest, for some reason I didn’t feel the clean lasted very long with it.  I usually try to make my hair go three days in between washes as my hair gets incredibly dry.  With this shampoo I got two days out of it, which was very odd as I felt the consistency was quite stripping, not your typical damage repair shampoo.  Overall I wasn’t convinced by the shampoo!

To be honest I felt the same about the conditioner.  It was ok, and left my hair feeling soft when wet, and just ok when dry.  It didn’t do anything miraculous or particularly special, equally it didn’t do any harm!  For the price and the size of bottle these shampoos and conditioners are good value.  If you were looking to really treat very dry or damaged hair I don’t think you would be that impressed.  There is nothing particularly standout about either of these products.  The Argan oil market is totally saturated and it’s very difficult to find any products that actually smell of the distinctive pure nutty fragrance the oil should smell of, this range is the same, nothing particularly Argany about them!

Loves – great price for a non high street brand

Not so Loves – didn’t do anything that great for my hair

Overall – Meh!  I won’t repurchase.

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