It’s another sparkly new Cleanse and Polish Limited- huzzar!

Well this is interesting!
Well this is interesting!

Im a total sucker for a Liz Earle limited edition Cleanse and Polish (you may remember such reviews as here and here!!!).  I love the iconic original, so much so that I’ve always got one on the go in addition to a limited! The latest in a historic line of limited is Pink Pepper and  Mint (£20.75 for a massive pump, canister and two gold trimmed muslins).

Liz Earle say “Blending the clean, uplifting fragrance of freshly crushed mint with the spicy warmth of exotic pink peppercorn, new Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser Pink Pepper & Mint Limited Edition brings two beguiling botanicals together in perfect scented harmony.”

Lovely right?  The texture and performance is exactly what you would expect from a Cleanse and Polish.  You can’t beat this cleanser for shifting nasty, day-old makeup and general grime!  It even removes my eye makeup and mascara!  Using a Cleanse and Polish is a nighttime ritual for me, it’s as close to a mini spa treatment at home as you can get!  And I love the way my skin feels after using the product with the muslin cloth – squeaky clean!

The fragrance is not what I expected at all!  All the other limiteds have been very subtle, this one is quite powerful!  It’s difficult to describe, it’s definitely on the more spicy side rather than minty.  Almost to a spice perfume level.  It’s very intense when you first apply, but as you work into your skin it becomes less so (or maybe I just got used to it!).  I really enjoyed using this limited, and I really enjoyed the fragrance, it’s just not what I was expecting!  Another reviewer suggested the fragrance was masculine, and I’d have to agree, it’s not the usual very fruity or floral limited I’ve come to know and love!  That said, it is a very welcome change from the norm and great for heading into cold wintery nights!

Loves – as can always be expected from a Cleanse and Polish – performance is everything!

Not so Loves – I’m not sure I would repurchase due to the very spicy fragrance

Overall – A welcome change, and another great addition to the Cleanse and Polish hall of fame!

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