Sleeping Arrangements!

Side sleeping?
Side sleeping?

Moses basket, cot in own room from day one, side sleeping, co sleeping, part time co sleeping, not sleeping at all (!), the decisions and choices are endless!  National NHS / Government guidance is clear in that your new baby should sleep in the same room as you from day one until six months.  I’m a worrier, so I’m happy to have our son in the same room as us for the foreseeable future, transitioning him into his own room will no doubt, be more traumatic for me than for him!

We started off with our little guy sleeping in an expensive, but so sweet, Moses basket by my side of the bed.  Other than being very cute, in my humble opinion they are a total waste of time and money.  They are at completely the wrong height for anything, they creek and yes our baby at now just over two months outgrew his to sleep in weeks ago!  I have to say also having an episiotomy and additional stitches, manoeuvring him in and out of the flipping thing throughout the night was beyond excruciatingly painful.  If you ended up needing or having a  Caesarean then you’d be stuffed using a Moses basket, it would just be impossible!

We purchased a beautiful cot bed as part of our nursery set.  It’s in situ in our baby’s nursery, so it’s completely impractical to unassemble, reassemble to manoeuvre it back and forth from our bedroom!  It’s also so big it wouldn’t fit by the side of our bed, so that’s a no!

I was very risk averse about the new style side sleeping cribs, babies have got trapped between their crib and the side of their parent’s beds with fatal consequences.  We ended up parting with £150 to purchase the Chicco Next to Me cot.  It’s height adjustable for a variety of parental beds, completely collapse able for travelling and very lightweight for manoeuvring.  We don’t use ours for side sleeping (the thought still concerns me), but we would have done if we had had it when we first came home from hospital and my body just hurt!

 I can’t recommend these highly enough!  We’ve taken ours on holiday, it fitted perfectly OK into the car, and I feel was much more hygienic than using the cot provided where we were.  Another huge plus is the mattress!  Have you seen a Moses basket mattress?!  It’s no more supportive than a flipping kitchen sponge!  The Chicco mattress is very definitely on the firm side, but it at least is a proper mattress!  I also like the mesh side, when I wake up at 1am wondering if mini me is still ok, I can just peer through the side rather than disturbing everyone!

Overall I wish we had bought this to start with and not wasted our money on anything else.  If he’s not in his cot,  I adore those sleepy mornings when my little guy can have a snooze next to me, on my bed, arms out stretched above his head, snoring like a trooper, while I gaze in utter adoration at him!  A sleeping, peaceful baby is just beautiful.

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