Two lovely Lush masks!

Lovely Lush!
Lovely Lush!
Well Lush!
Well Lush!

I adore a lovely fresh face mask from Lush!  I’ve currently got Rosy Cheeks on the go (my review is here), which I love.  When I ordered my last lot of goodies from Lush they sent me two more fresh face masks to try!

First up the green one!  This is mask of magnaminty!  Get it?  It’s just shy of £10 for a full sized pot, which you can use on your face and body.  My little pot was just right for one application to my face and neck.  It’s a clay based mask which does dry after a while, leaving you with an exfoliating mask to rinse off.  It’s a very minty mask so nice and stimulating for your skin and nose!  It’s a pretty strong mask with a punchy exfoliation, so not suitable for very sensitive types.

I really enjoyed using this mask.  I found the fragrance very pleasant indeed.  It left my skin squeaky clean and smooth.  Yes it did dry out my already dry bits!  A price I’m willing to pay for helping out with my post pregnancy oily and congested skin.  I like this for an occasional use for when your skin is in trouble!

The brown one is Cup O’Coffee and this retails at £6.75 for a full size.  I love me a cup of Joe so I was very pleased to get this one to try.  It’s not for the exfoliation averse out there as its a pretty serious version!  The scent is exactly like a lovely espresso shot.  In terms of consistency it’s a kind of clay based mask with quite large chunks of what I assume is roughly ground beans.  I applied to my face only (you can use on your entire body), and it was such a pleasure to use!  It dried a little after a ten minute application, and it gave a jolly good exfoliation on removal.  My skin was super clear after use.

Loves – two fabulous face masks

Not so Loves – tiring to decide between them for a purchase

Overall – Fantastic to be able to try two lovely masks – thank you Lush!

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