Snuffly baby woes!

Snuffly baby arsenal!
Snuffly baby arsenal!

How can a little person who has only been around ten weeks have already had two colds, both of which he has shared with abandon?!  Before two months you can’t medicate a newborn with Calpol, so what on earth do you do with your little one as they sneeze repeatedly into your face?  Putting aside the extreme anxiety I have when he coughs continuously, (and when he’s not coughing, I am) here is what we’ve been trying!

Cold number one happened at seven weeks as we departed for North Wales for a week in a holiday cottage.  Thankfully baby colds seem to be done and dusted within about four days and at the moment seem to follow a pattern of sneezing, snuffly nose, general unhappiness, then a cough, then everything is fine again.  At seven weeks he was too young to medicate so we relied on burning eucalyptus oil to help purify the air, keeping the room we slept in as warm and comfortable as possible and for the snuffles, the Calpol nasal saline spray (flipping awesome!).

We are now in the throws of cold number two, which is currently on the coughing stage.  It’s terrible feeling so helpless, as my tiny little guy manages to get to sleep only to wake himself up coughing ten minutes later!  The only thing that seems to comfort him is breastfeeding on demand and trying to get some kip asleep on me.  This is fine during the day, and while I’m not coughing and waking him up!

I know him getting snuffles is inevitable and it’s helping him build up his own resistance, but blimey a cold a fortnight is plain old silly!  I feel terrible myself, I’ve got a rotten throat, cough and that weird shivery skin, everything hurts thing going on!  At least I can blow my nose though, imagine not being able to do that?  Or go make yourself a hot drink and stuff your face with chocolate to make yourself feel better?!

Calpol do two great products I’d recommend.  Number one is their Soothe and Care Saline Nasal Spray (£2.69).  Once you get over spraying this up your baby’s nose, it been amazing at giving our little one some respite from the snuffles.  As its just saline, it’s also suitable from birth.  Secondly the Soothe and Care Vapour Plug (£5.99 with refills available).  You can’t beat using an oil burner with a few drops of eucalyptus in my humble opinion, it’s cheap, safe and effective.  This little plugin however was great for being on holiday, mainly because of the blue nightlight (really helpful for breastfeeding).   It’s for use from three months but we have used it already.  I can imagine it would be great for helping to soothe toddlers through the night.

Any other suggestions, especially for the coughing very happily received!

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