Things I’m looking forward to trying – November!

So many things this month, especially as we are gearing up for our first Christmas with a tiny person!

I will start with him!  We read to our little guy every night and I also try to fit a story in somewhere in the morning.  It’s amazing how much he is suddenly taking in! While he is not at the engaging with the words stage (now that would be advanced!) he had started to look at the pictures in books.  It’s incredibly rewarding reading out loud to your tiny baby, and I quite enjoy a good story as well!  We’ve loved lots of Hairy Mclary books and in November we will be moving on to some Gruffalo fun!  We’ve bought the Gruffalo and the Graffalo’s Child for story time!  We are huge fans of Julia Donaldson’s books already, my hubby and I are always finding new voices for Room on the Broom (our dragon is Welsh, what’s yours?!).

Lush Christmas bath bombs – too good to wait until Christmas!  Here are a few I’ve picked up to try.  I’m most looking forward to the little butter bear, it seems a shame to melt him in the bath, but I hear very good things about the moisturising benefits of this one!  Plus, on the Lush scale he is pretty cheap!  The little squashed Santa is also too adorable!

Christmas fun (a bit early!)
Christmas fun (a bit early!)

Rum!  A bit of an odd one I know!  The lovely people at Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum sent me this little set as part of a Twitter party.  I didn’t have chance to take part on the night, so I’ve saved this little collection for a slightly tipsy night in November.  My hubby and I really like rum, his little eyes lit up when he saw this arrive!  We have saved some Bounty rum from our honeymoon in St Lucia for ages now and it’s our favourite and reminds us of a very magical holiday!  I’m hoping Appleton rum is just as great!


6 thoughts on “Things I’m looking forward to trying – November!

      1. Well I had a bit of a splurge and got lots of their Christmas items! Hopefully when it arrived I’m going to try and do a first impressions and review the products as I use them 😀


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