Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask – Amazing!

This mask is the bomb!
This mask is the bomb!

Words cannot do justice to this mask, it’s literally revolutionary!  You can pick up the Dr Organic range in Holland and Barrett, and this mask retails at a ridiculously good value £7.99.

Dr Organic say,

‘An oil regulating, detoxifying and anti-aging bio-plasma face treatment. On the surface it is an organic pore cleansing face mask, deep down it is a bioactive deeply replenishing face lift . . .
Organic Dead Sea Mineral salt and Dead Sea Mud have a long history of skin purifying and health promoting properties. In combination with our proprietary blend of bioactive, natural and organic extracts, including clinically tested bio-plasma (arginine ferulate) this cell detoxifying and anti-aging face mask penetrates deep into the pores of the epidermis, effectively removing excess oil and impurities whilst stimulating new cell regeneration.’

So when I was pregnant my skin was just amazing!  I glowed, my skin was flawless, spots were a thing of the past, the moment I had my little bundle of joy not only did my skin turn sallow over night, but I also it spots my teenage self would have stressed over!  I mean not only the hormonal chin spots us ladies just simply get, no matter what, but also the angry red ones, the painful ones you get on the side of your face to the sides of your brows!  I haven’t had those for years!

I spotted this mask and to be honest just saw Dead Sea mud, thought ‘cleansing’ and purchased.  I had no idea about all the other amazing stuff it’s supposed to do and contain!  I applied a generous layer post cleanse and exfoliate, had a hot bath and rinsed off with my facial sponges.  I think I applied so much that it didn’t really dry on my skin.  It was a pleasure to use, had a nice fragrance and wasn’t that difficult to remove.

The main thing about this mask is the results!  The morning after use my skin is smooth and crystal clear.  I mean it’s outstanding!  The nasty side spots and lumps and bumps have pretty much disappeared.  It’s beyond impressive!  £7.99 for this kind of result is ridiculous!  This mask is my new go to, get out of trouble trump card!

Loves – everything, but mainly the results!

Not so Loves – that more people don’t know about this mask and can experience the magnificent results!

Overall – I adore this mask!  Adore it!

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