How I clean my makeup brushes

Keeping my brushes squeaky clean! Errr yeah, about that . . .!!
Keeping my brushes squeaky clean! Errr yeah, about that . . .!

I can’t hide it any longer!  When it comes to cleaning, bacteria, nasty germs and the such, I have something verging on OCD.  Bleach is up there with one of my all time favourite, desert island essentials!  I take antibacterial hand wipes on holiday to clean the loo etc etc!  So when it comes to my makeup brushes they need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly!

I wash my brushes normally after every two days of use.  I wash eyeshadow brushes, used for dark or brighter colours after every use, and if I was using a concealer brush to hide blemishes, again it would be after every use.

Here is how I wash and take care of mine:

  • I use warm to hot, but not boiling, fresh, clean water to rinse my brushes individually
  • I then wash each separately using an antibacterial hand wash.  I squeeze out the excess water, pump the wash in the palm of my hand and give each brush a good swirl – until they foam up and the foam is clear.  I repeat this twice or thrice with powder brushes!
  • I then rinse rinse rinse using warm water.  Again from the tap so it pure and clean, not from a puddle of water in the bottom of the sink!  I squeeze out the excess water, blot with a towel and leave to dry, with the bristle end of the brushes hanging over a shelf edge or window edge (in the house, not facing the world outside, although you could do this I guess?!).
  • For foundation brushes this works just ok, so I usually add another step before washing in water.  I use a cheap supermarket make up remover to break down the worst of the foundation before applying any water or wash.  Simply pour a little remover into the palm of your hand and swirl your dry brush into the mix to begin the removal process.

Its a simple and effective routine, yeah it’s annoying doing it so often and giving yourself enough time to let your brushes dry etc, but you have to think of it like you would your own skin.  You wouldn’t go to bed with makeup on and expect to look as fresh as a daisy the next morning now would you?  Well the same goes for those brushes, you can’t expect them to rot in product and your dead skin cells for days and weeks and be effective and a pleasure to use now can you?!

Ooo I should say I don’t use and haven’t used the brush sprays you can get for inbetween uses.  They’ve been in my online shopping cart a few times, but I always remove them.  They are usually around £10, so when compared to a £1 bottle of antibacterial handwash . . . . You fill in the blank!

One thought on “How I clean my makeup brushes

  1. Having used the spray cleaners I wouldn’t bother! Nothing cleans a brush like good old fashioned soap and water! The sprays for me are the equivalent of anti bac gel, if your hands are dirty all anti bac gel is going to do is sterilise the dirt where as soap and water removes it and cleans!!


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