Cherub’s Blush – mini review!

Cherub's blush
Cherub’s blush
Liquid blush
Liquid blush

I’ve never tried a liquid blush / lip and cheek stain before.  To be honest I’ve never wanted to part with the £20+ the most popular and original brand charge!  I decided as winter is rapidly approaching, I can’t really get away with just bronzer any longer, so I really should invest in creating an English Rose look for the season.  I’ve notice brand Me Me Me appearing in a few beauty boxes recently so this is the one I plumped for.

I opted for Cherub’s Blush, which is only £7.25 direct from the Me Me Me website.  This shade is a lovely pinky, rose stain that worked perfectly as a subtle blush.  I applied a few dabs of the product to my cheeks using the brush applicator.  The brush gives you quite a precise application to help give you some definition.  I did find that it needed blending quickly as the stain seems to bleed out from underneath where you apply.  (The photo of my hand probably best demonstrates this).

The colour worked really well on my now very fair wintery complexion!  I didn’t look like Aunt Sally!  It’s easy to get a really subtle, just flushed look from this product.  I would imagine it’s very buildable, rather than having to tone down a single application.  It worked really well on my lips over a lip balm to add just a hint of colour.  Both on my lips and as a blush the product lasted really well.

Loves – a reasonably priced mulitasker!

Not so Loves – nothing, it does what it’s supposed to!

Overall – I can’t see me running out of this little bottle anytime soon.  I’m pretty pleased with my introduction to lip and cheek stains!

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