Getting Crafty #2!

Getting just a little bit crafty!
Getting just a little bit crafty!

After the amazing summer craft party I attended a few months ago, I thought to myself, Natasha you’re not bad at this, why not do some other stuff!  I really liked the idea of making little jewellery dishes and found a great instructional blog  I bought everything I needed from Hobbycraft.  Admittedly I did go a little crazy online shopping at Hobbycraft, and I did order an awful lot of Fimo and two metallic paints (which you really don’t need if your just having a go!).  I spent just under £30 on this little lot, and after having a play I think I could make about eight little dishes out of everything I purchased quite comfortably.

I wont bore you with replicating a tutorial you can get on a Beautiful Mess.  I’ll just show you what I made!  It takes about ten minutes to make a little dish, plus half an hour cooking time, and then any painting or glazing time on top.  If you’ve got little girls or even teenagers I think this would be a great activity for a party or special event.  You could use seasonal colours and if your dishes turn out well you could even give them as gifts!

Even my husband came home from work and demanded to have a go at making something!  He wanted to use all my sparkly silver Fimo on making an elephant!  That didn’t happen obviously!  I glazed one of my dishes and left the other matte.  I think I prefer the matte dish, but I guess the gloss does look more finished – if you wanted to have a go on a budget, you could skip the extra few pounds on a gloss though.

Make and do baby!
Make and do baby!

Cute little dishes aren’t they?  They would make a fabulous little homemade Christmas present, why not use Christmassy colours?

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