Liz Earle Eye Treament – mini review!

Eye treatment
Eye treatment

Liz Earle has beyond nailed skin care for twenty years! I’ve been hooked on Superskin Lip and Eye Treatment (my review is here) for years now.  Occasionally, by night, I’ll deviate from my tried, tested and trusted eye treatment and swap in Liz Earle’s Smoothing Line Serum (£16.75 available direct).

This very lightweight gel type serum is for use only at night and it’s designed to ‘help plump and firm skin around the eyes, lips, forehead and décolletage.’  It contains antioxidant grapeseed extract and soothing echinacea.

I think you either love or hate this product!  I find it pleasant to apply, but it is sticky, so you can get your hair stuck in it at night!  I find it’s more topical than penetrating, so it sits on top of your skin, so the danger is using it exclusively at night it ends up on your pillows.  It definitely works to plump the skin and it leaves your eye area super moisturised.  I would imagine this would be a great product to take on your holidays, as it’s very cooling along with being supremely moisturing.

I like this product, but I wouldn’t use it every single night.  The downside, and it’s a massive one, is the astronomical price tag!  Almost £20 for an absolutely tiny pump.

Loves – a fabulous under eye moisturiser

Not so Loves – it’s one of the most expensive products in the range given the size, and it’s not in the Superskin range

Overall – because of the price, I wouldn’t repurchase

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