A new cleanser for Art of Glamour?!

The Grandaddy of cleansers!
The Grandaddy of cleansers!

Say it isn’t so!  Now you know I love my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish!  There is something about that iconic creamy cleanser.  It smells of eucalyptus clean, check, it make my skin super fresh, check and with the use of a muslin cloth I get my daily gentle exfoliate, check!  So what on earth could make me want to mix it up a little?  It sod have to be pretty darn special, right?!

Eve Lom cleanser is pretty darn special.  At £55 for 100ml you’d kind of expect it to be!  Now confession time I have used this cleanser before when I was a rich student and it wasn’t quite so expensive.  I recently received a sample of this cleanser and the product, fragrance and results had me ordering my very own pot straight away.  This stuff is iconic for a reason – it’s amazing!

The Eve Lom cleanser is the original cleanser and cloth combo.  It’s like a balm in consistency with solid bits that break down as you work into your skin, massaging and cleansing all those nooks for a good few minutes, before rinsing with your muslin cloth for a gentle exfoliate and a bit of a steam clean!  I won’t bore you with the whole ritual, but there is a specific ‘spa’ type way of applying and using this product.  In terms of scent, yup you guessed it, I love it because it’s got eucalyptus oil as a key ingredient.  The only other way to describe the scent is its a bit medicinal with a hint of botanicals.  It reminds me a little of really top quality saddle soap, that kind of equestrian product, which doesn’t sound terribly lovely, but it is!

In terms of results, well where do I start?!  From the single use I had with my sample my skin was super refreshed, clean and lug and bump free!  It was truly fantastic, my skin was totally clean without any dryness at all, in fact it was softer post use than post moisturiser use.  If you follow the proper application process you give yourself a little facial massage, which helps drain toxins and tone up your facial muscles.

Trust me I know this cleanser is extauionate in terms of price, but the results almost pay for themselves!  It’s so expensive I won’t be using it every day, maybe twice a week in the evenings.  Nothing will truly replace my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, but Eve Lom Cleanser is a wonderful treat!

Loves – amazing results for super clear, clean and soft skin

Not so Loves – ££££ – ouch!

Overall – if I could afford it, I’d buy this all the time and bathe in the stuff!  I love it!

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