High Performing Eye Makeup Removers

Eye Makeup be gone !
Eye Makeup be gone !

Who doesn’t love a smokey eye?  We do not love morning panda eyes though do we now?!  Here are my favourite high-performing eye make up removers.

First up a supermarket eye makeup remover.  Yes you heard me right!  Supermarket!  Well this is a Waitrose product, so it’s a high end supermarket! This is only £1.99 for a big bottle!  Admittedly I do use this to help clean my makeup brushes and it performs well on my foundation brushes!  It’s also really good for its intended use!  It contains vitamin E and camomile, which help make it very gentle on your peepers, but it also performs well.  Its fragrance free and contains 99.4% naturally derived ingredients.  I have seen some reviewers say the formulation changed a year ago or so, and it’s a bit stingy now on very sensitive eyes.  I don’t find it so and I do have sensitive skin, so for the price if it doesn’t work for you, use on your brushes!

Next the high end remover is from Bobbi Brown.  This is £9 for a little travel sized bottle (this is a limited size, it’s always available in a larger size) and this is the Instant Long Wear Makeup Remover.  This is a really nice oil based product that seriously shifts eye and lip makeup.  What else would you expect from such an esteemed brand?!  I find this is a really refreshing eye makeup remover, it’s very gentle and performs really well on waterproof products.  It’s expensive though, and you do need to use quite a bit to get rid of all of your makeup.

I’ve saved the best until last!  Liz Earle Eyebright is £13.25 for a huge bottle that lasts forever.  I have already reviewed Eyebright in full here.  The best thing about this product is yes it’s a hugely gentle eye makeup remover, but it also doubles as a little tired eyes treatment.  If you saturate some cotton wool pads in Eyebright, place over your closed eyes and have a little rest, it refreshes and de-puffs tired eyes.  None of the other products do this, so while expensive it’s well worth it!

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