Baby Milestones, Competitive Parenting, And Yes My Son’s A Genius!

My son, the genius!
My son, the genius!

We are almost three months into this journey of being a little family and of parenting a little one.  I feel like we have done so much as a unit already.  While I’m just simply ecstatic that my little munchkin arrived relatively safely and is happy and healthy, hands up I’m a competitive parent!  I spend all of my time with my beautiful son and I intend to go back to work when he is about seven months.  Between now and then I want to give him all of my time, lots of learning experiences, lots of happy moments and memories.  Now is a really precious time.  Because I have to go back to work, now is the time I can devote all of my attention, time and resources to my baby.

Yes it’s incredibly tiring having a new baby.  He sleeps very fitfully (I’m not competitive on this one!), we’ve never made that golden five hours straight through, not even once!  He wakes up every two to three hours through the night!  I’m at home with him all day so I can sleep in if he will let me or have a mini afternoon snooze when he sleeps!  I’ve discovered I can actually survive on very little sleep.  I do get very tired and grumpy periodically, but I’m lucky to have an incredibly supportive husband who can step in and help me out when I need it.

In between grabbing much needed sleep, I am obsessed with baby milestones!  I know this time is precious and I can’t believe we’ve been mum and dad for almost three months already, but I do like to know what my little munchkin should be doing, by when.  Yes, yes, every baby is different and develop at different rates, but it’s nice to be ahead of the curve isn’t it?!  My poor son, I’m going to be a very pushy mum, but only because I want him to achieve the best and realise the infinite possibilities he has before him.  I want to give him everything, so that he can do and be whatever he wants.  I don’t mean big fat piles of cash here by the by! I mean a loving stable home life, I mean my and my husband’s undivided attention and love, and the confidence and self belief to be happy in himself.

To give our baby confidence and life experience, he has been swimming with his daddy from five weeks, we’ve attended Baby Sensory from two weeks, we now do a musical class, we’ve been on a little holiday  we have visited family, we’ve been to see farm animals, a castle, we talk to and meet lots of new people and animals whenever we can.  In terms of development we’ve done tummy time since day one, we’ve babbled, read bedtime stories and played since day one, we’ve chatted and sung, cuddled and snuggled!  I feel like we have done and awful lot, but blimey does it pay off!  At twelve weeks our baby has been smiling and giggling for ages, he’s been babbling back at us for ages and just this week we’ve mastered the roll and our first tentative crawl!

Im a competitive parent, because my baby is already a genius you see!  I’m not competitive with others, I’m not going to lie and tell you he sleeps like a dream, or he already calls me mummy!  I’m competitive with myself I suppose, because I want him to be advanced for his age obviously, but I mainly want him to find being with me exciting, stimulating, loving and safe.

BTW in the photo my son is looking at himself in the viewfinder – told you – genius!!

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