Prepping your locks for a colour!

It’s been months since I had my hair coloured, those roots are a bit of a giveaway!  I colour my hair because I’ve had the odd grey since my early twenties, and now I’m in my thirties those greys have got progressively worse!  I’ve been every colour imaginable, but have now settled on a mix of high and lowlights, leaving me a highlighted mid blonde.  Anyhow with a big evening out coming up next week, these roots have to go baby!  Here is how I prep my hair for a colour!

I wash my hair every three or so days because my hair is dry, and it can be damaged from colouring and straightening.  So I figure some natural oils are good for my hair!  Plus with an almost three month old to look after, having the time to wash, dry and straighten my hair is virtually a military operation.  So the night before I wash my hair I will saturate it in a good hair oil or over night treatment mask like Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Treatment (£34.50 direct or from Boots).  This treatment comes solid in a large pot.  You melt a chunk of the treatment in your hands until it becomes an oil.  I then apply liberally to the ends and mid-lengths of my hair, tie it up and leave overnight to give my hair a great moisturising treat!

Ojon Treatment
Ojon Treatment

In the morning I’ll hop in the shower and wash my hair with a lovely moisturing shampoo like Kerastase (my review is here).  Next I’ll towel dry my hair and then apply a really great hair mask, something like the Kerastase Resistance mask or Philip Kingsley Elasticiser (my review is here).  I’ll then leave the mask on my hair under a shower cap for a good hour or two.  Having a little person who demands feeding or entertaining every few hours has its bonuses! Then I rinse, dry and style as normal.

At least two or three days later I’ll have my colour appointment.  I think colour works much better on hair that isn’t freshly washed.  For some reason my colour not only looks better but lasts longer if my hair wash is a few days old!  After I’ve had my hair coloured it’s time to step out of that salon looking totally gorgeous, fresh and beautiful again!  It’s such a luxury spending a couple of hours at a hairdresser isn’t it?!

I then leave my colour to settle for as long as possible before washing my hair again, at least three or four days.  Then I repeat the oil the night before / hair mask routine to seal the colour in and help treat the damage caused by colouring.

So that’s my routine!  What’s yours?!

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